Day One (kind of)

I’ve spent so much time setting this blog up that it is late and I’m not going to last much longer at the keyboard.

So, just a few facts tonight.  I’m going to be chronicling past and future events relating directly, indirectly, tangentially and what the heck, maybe not at all to my recent purchase of a circa 1952 Massey Harris “Pony” tractor.  I’m calling this Day One only because the events of  today make it more likely that I’ll be able to keep the tractor; in fact I became the owner of it on July 24, 2010.

Today was significant in the Pony’s life, because a new friend has offered to let me store the tractor on his property.  Before this offer, I was solidly in the “dog house” with my wife, Cindy, because she did not want this thing in our garage.  I was in that doghouse for other reasons too, which I’ll get into later,  but finding a home away from our home for the Pony allowed the “dog house” door to creak open a little, so that I could see some future to my life with the Pony. 

In addition, today I also visited the Pony (she’s still deep in the woods about a quarter-mile from my house) and hacksawed off the old lock that is keeping the anti-theft chain in place and replaced it with a nice, new, shiny one, thus strengthening my feeling of ownership and control. 

Finally, due to Cindy’s change of attitude she came up with the idea of writing this blog.  Since July 25 when I told her about the Pony, she has probably referred to the Pony as “that idiotic tractor” a dozen times, so I decided that phrase was a fitting name for my blog.

Tomorrow, I’ll start providing a few flash backs to bring y’all up to speed on how I got into this mess.  Thanks for reading.


7 responses to “Day One (kind of)

  1. Bruce, Best luck with the Pony. Hope you can post some pics of it getting loaded on to the trailer.
    I’ll let my pal Fred know about your new blog also.

  2. When you tell her that”That Idiotic Tractor” acronym is TIT she may have different feelings about your treasure.You are very lucky to have latched on to the Pony.Tractors are much easier to restore than a car and as long as you don’t get a very rare one or some of the new Asian stuff parts are available.If you share any of your brother’s wizardry in fixing things you should have it looking good in a couple of weeks!! fg

  3. Bruce, How exciting! I will be following progress of restoration here in WI and will have to see it in person come late Autumn. I wish it was located here in Twin Lakes as we could put it to good use every Spring and Fall as we put in our acre of vine crops to sell at our family’s apple orchard. Have fun! Hey to Cindy.

  4. I keep seeing these old tractors and think it would be fun to restore one however the garage is full of kayaks. I had a Mazda truck with a Masey Furgeson
    engine the problem was it destroyed the trany five times before I got rid of it. It had way to much toruque.

  5. I might even pay full price to see the movie, not wait for it to appear at the $1.50 place.

    Nice to read the other comments, which never came up before.


  6. You have no idea how fortunate you are. My husband, Cal, has wanted a tractor for years. Last Father’s Day I did give him a John Deere, brand new, with trailer, 4×6 (inches, but each piece is that big). He keeps it on his desk. He surely had to lol. Have fun. Maybe when Cal gets as old as you he will be blessed with one also. 🙂 just teasing you cousin.

  7. Very entertaining, Bruce! Question: What is it you intend to do with your new “Pony”? Just visit it occasionally at Gene’s place? The way I see it, Cindy now has a “free pass” on any future purchase and/or endeavor. Of course, since she is the voice of reason in the Boehmke household, I suppose you don’t have to worry too much.

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