Idiotic Author Takes Vacation

I know you’re thinking, “This guy does 3 posts and then needs a break?”  Sheesh! 

Listen, this stuff doesn’t just flow like butter from my keyboard into the blogosphere, it’s incredibly hard work.  Actually this isn’t true, it’s easy as pie, but it’s too early in the life of this blog to start lying; I need to build up some trust before I do something to disappoint you, like:  “IDIOTIC BLOG AUTHOR ADMITS TAKING WRITING PERFORMANCE ENHANCING DRUGS.”

Just a little tractor news, I drove out to Gene’s to see the spot he’s got in mind for the tractor.  Incidently, did I say before what a great guy Gene is?  He saved my marriage, he’s giving me a rent free, prime piece of his real estate on which to store the Pony; he doesn’t mind that by parking it there it makes his house look, well, less nice.  He’s offered me all kinds of stuff, advice, assistance, tools; he’s even got a chain saw to clear the gigantic fallen trees from the path the tow truck will have to take to get the Pony out of the woods.  On top of all this he’s a mechanic! 

At his house I half expected to see all kinds of people camped-out in his yard, just because he said they could.  Needless to say, I want to keep Gene (my secret weapon) a secret, so don’t expect to see anything here that gives any inkling about who he is, where he is or what he looks like, nuthin. 

The next step will be to get the brush and logs cleared and find some tow truck operator dumb enough to risk his truck and livelihood by backing it into the deep recesses of the Pony’s lair.  But that is going to have to wait, because the author leaves tomorrow on an eight-day cycling vacation during which he will prove for a third time that he is stupid enough to ride a bike from one end of Pennsylvania to the other, total miles: almost 500.  If I get lost a few times (which I usually do) I’ll have that 500 nailed.

If there is any tractor news (or some other incredibly interesting thing), I can relate from the PA hustings, I’ll be sure to do a post.  But true tractor nuts, you might as well get your own tractors out in the field and get them weeds out from between the soy bean rows, as there won’t be any progress on the Pony for a while.


4 responses to “Idiotic Author Takes Vacation

  1. Is the blogger doing the bike trip alone? In any case, TAKE CARE, GOOD WEATHER, GOOD BIKING.


  2. I am having tractor story withdrawals already!!! YIKES!! I think you should call your bike a pony and make up some good stories for us for us!!! Enjoy your bike trip!!

  3. This new tractor infatuation is probably a nice distraction for you as you bask in the glow of retirement. I can only hope that you are not so distracted that you neglect to put forth your annual batch of strawberry jam. Please say it ain’t so?

  4. You are my first ever blog, Couz. You had me at ‘Pony’. Having fun following you.

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