Idiotic Author Reports in From the Road

Don’t worry, I’m going to spare you the details. I mean who cares what all happens on a 450 mi bike trip from Erie, PA to Wilkes Barre, PA (that’s Wilksberry if you are errant sole who printed the official ride t-shirt. Yesterday’s highpoint was an impromptu stop at Bemus Point on Lake Chautauqua. It was the perfect, little small town affair, with streets blocked off, the smell of Bbq, lawn chairs by the lake and unfortunately…live Celtic music. I’m not going spend a lot of time complaining, but there is no music on earth that I hate more. I’m probably offending no one by admitting this, since no one reads this anyway, but I’m sorry, I’d rather hear the screech on a
chalk board than Celtic music. Alright I’m done, and I’ve got to say
that the double-dip, strawberry ice cream cone I had while sitting by the lake was only slightly less enjoyable than usual.

Today, lots of pretty scenery, blah, blah blah in the Allegheny
National Forest. Most memorable will probably be the two mile climb
after lunch. I looked up the road and and for as far as I could see
the hill went up. It’s at times like this I try to get within myself. I
think the road is my friend, the sky, the earth, the very air I breath, all my friends, and I dig deep within myself… and drag out the
longest list of expletives I can conjure, because I know that all the stuff I’ve just been thinking is a load of crap. Only lots and lots of training (which I did not do) could have prepared me for that hill.

Why do I do this to myself, why do I never learn, why do I keep
making the same mistakes over and over again, just like I did with
that idiotic tractor. I don’t know, probably never will, but I finally
did make it up that bleeping hill and a few others to reach this
lovely Best Western (ah em, are you people at BW reading this? $$$ please for the pony fund) in Bradford, PA.

I apologize for a certain amount of disjointedness in this post. The device I am typing on which I’ll not name (because Steve Jobs isn’t paying me) does not interact so well with WordPress.


2 responses to “Idiotic Author Reports in From the Road

  1. If you are planning on going on a killing spree or taking your own life try to catch “the Celtic Women do Christmas”or something like that on PBS.It will make your task easier.I sat through it last year with others who stared at the TV mesmerized while I looked for sharp objects. fg

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