Pony1952 Gets New Domain

Loyal Readers, even you disloyal ones,

Don’t get excited by this post title; the change of domain applies to the blog, not the Pony itself.  The Pony still resides happily in the woods.  But, due to the blog’s incredible popularity (ok, maybe it was the $15 I paid WordPress) “That Idiotic Tractor” now has its very own, registered domain:  thatidiotictractor.com.  I’m not lyin’; go there and you’ll see.  While there, take the opportunity to read the most recent posts and even leave a comment if you wish. 

Also, if each of you would send the new domain name to a few friends (even your enemies if you want to annoy them), in no time at all this little baby could go “viral.”  You actually may have to wash your hands after reading.

On the tractor front, Gene and I are heading into the woods tomorrow with his chain saw to clear the way for the impending Pony extraction.   

As always, thanks for reading.


One response to “Pony1952 Gets New Domain

  1. Bruce,
    This is going to be fun to follow… and much easier than it was trying to follow you up the hills of PA. For those following this and reading the comments, riding with Bruce is a continuous saga of ‘The Disappearing Man’. Reaching even the smallest of hills, I work hard in a low gear while watching Bruce get smaller and smaller and finally disappear, dancing his way up the steepest slopes while leaving the rest of us behind. But for us, the hard work of last week is now a memory and the saga of the tractor is a reality. Write on!

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