Idiotic Author Super Model?

This first item comes under the category of “if you wait around long enough anything can come into fashion.”  A front page article in Thursday’s Wall Street Journal points out that having a big gap between one’s front teeth is all the rage on the runways of the New York fashion shows.  The article also includes names of other celebs that sport the gap-toothed look:  Anna Paquin, Vanessa Paradis, Madonna, Lauren Hutton and David Letterman.  The photo inserted below is an important part of today’s tractor news, but just for a sec, click on the photo and check out the gap in the author’s front teeth.  I’m in baby; put me down for some of that fame and fortune.  Think of the tractor stuff I’ll be able to buy.  Mom, I no longer hold it against you that you and Dad didn’t pop for braces when I was a kid.  The photo more importantly shows one very proud author Friday after having successfully removed The Pony’s crankshaft.  Remember a few posts ago how I mentioned that I like saying and using the word crankshaft and how just the word carries a certain power and machismo?  Well, I’m here to tell you that the word ain’t nuthin’ compared to the actual article in one’s hands.  Look at that baby!  It really feels good to hold it; I’m guessing it’s about 10 pounds of cold, bold steel. 

The look of pride on my face in this photo reminds me of how I looked in another photo taken after having caught my first fish at Peewaukee Lake not far from our home in Waukesha, WI around 1955.  It was a perch, close enough to record size that we took it down to a local sports shop and registered it.  Caught it on a hook and a worm with a cane pole.

Under the category of “you can’t make them up any better than this,” a couple of items. 
First, Carrboro, my home town, has a cool vibe about it,  and is proud of its laid-back, but progressive attitude.  This is why I wasn’t surprised to see a calendar item listed in the current Carrboro Citizen, “Breastfeeding Cafe.”  I’ll let you conjure up your own images of what such an establishment might be like and suffice to just say as John Candy did in “Splash” when a naked Daryl Hannah washed up on Ellis Island, “Well, of course, I’m all for it!”

Second, in the last few weeks over in neighboring Durham we’ve had some courtroom drama.  An attorney and former neighbor of a guy convicted of killing his wife back in 2001 has come up with an “owl defense.”  He claims that an owl attacked the man’s wife and killed her.  The News and Observer having some justified fun with this theory called it a real “Whooooo Done it!”  As if to lend credence to this crazy theory, a local blogger reports that in Chapel Hill two people have been attacked recently by a Bard Owl along a local trail.  The Princess, having read this article with a look of concern on her face, now wonders how she can protect herself from vicious owl attacks.  First it was the news of numerous copperhead snake attacks, now the owls.  Latest I’ve heard is she’s planning on staying in bed with the covers pulled up.  Whooooo!

Back to Pony news, after getting the crankshaft out on Friday, I was pretty “pumped” and made arrangements with Gene to meet again Saturday.  With the “crank” out we could now knock the pistons fully down and out through the crankcase.  You’ll recall that we had been stymied earlier when they would only pop partially out the top.  Getting them out completely will allow us to clean piston and cylinder surfaces and clean, check and replace (if necessary) the piston rings.  This photo shows the author, with a ring compressor attached to one of the pistons, just about to give it a rap.  All four came out, even the one that was giving us all the trouble earlier.  That one has some kind of gunk built up on it, but the other three look surprisingly good.  I’ve got the pistons, rods and bearings down in the garage waiting to be cleaned.  Gene and I are now getting pretty close to having the engine down to just a heavy metal casing.

Gene has ordered a spring compressor tool to add to his vast collection of tools.  He’s kind of like Noah, getting two (or more)of everything to put in his garage just in case of some mechanical event of biblical proportions.  The spring compressor will allow us to finally remove the engine valves.  One of those by the way is frozen in its channel, so we will likely have to hammer that one out.

By the way, there is one other potential celebrity that sports a gap.   Just check-out this shot of The Pony’s smile.  On a final note.  The Phil’s beat the stinkin’ Mets again today to hold on to first place in their division.  Our rich guys are better than anyone else’s rich guys!


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