Getting Cool in Florida

Before The Princess and I touched down in Raleigh Wednesday afternoon, the pilot had announced that it was 94 degrees at the airport.  What the &^%#!, and it’s the first day of autumn.  It was cooler than that in Sarasota.  We had a lovely visit down there, highlighted by a sunset picnic on the beach with my Mom. 

I know you are all missing tractor news and I’m kind of missing The Pony (yeah, you too Gene).  Just as soon as I get back to “work,” I’ll send a post.  It’s been so long since I’ve had my hands in grease (Why did spell check suggest the country Greece for this?) that my finger nails are almost back to normal, can’t have that.  In the meantime, there are a few items we need to cover.

First, I’ve been taken to task by one of my most faithful readers, Barb, for not providing a photo of The Princess sporting her new hairdo.  The Princess likes being photographed about as much as she likes flying.  And to give you an idea of how much she likes flying I’ll just say that whenever we fly she wears some kind of “mojo” thing around her neck that she claims has somehow miraculously kept all of our aircraft in the air for the last 20 years.  Before that she would not fly at all.  The Princess won’t say what’s inside that thing, but I think the FAA should check it out.  

In spite of her negative attitude, I convinced her that to ignore the requests of my readers was poor form, so here for your approval is The Princess and her “do.”  Am I lucky to have her or what!  I must point out with reference back to an earlier post that as you can see she does only have two ears, and on them just one pair of fairly snazzy earings. 

And, check out that piston!  Beauty, eh?  As I look at this, it reminds me of a time not that long ago when almost every garage you went into had a calendar with a good lookin’ babe on it holding some kind of tool.  I’ve got the germ of an idea here…The Princess holding a different part of The Pony on each page of a calendar to be available for the holidays.  Let me know if there are any pre-orders.

Getting back to our recent trip, we had an amusing experience on the return trip from Florida.  The flight attendant came down the aisle with beverages, and when she got to us The Princess she said she’d like just a half glass of water.  I followed by ordering a half a cup of coffee.  As she poured my cup she looked at us and said, “You’re from Minnesota aren’t you.”  I said well, “Yes, but what makes you say that.”  She responded, “Oh I once worked a flight from Minneapolis to Fargo where almost everyone ordered only a half a cup of something.”  That cracked us up.  Her experience is just straight out of a Garrison Keillor monologue.

I’ll wrap this up by mentioning that I read a book during our short vacation, The Three Weissmanns of Westport by Cathleen Schine.  It’s fun, and I believe it was recommended this summer as good “beach reading.”  Guys, this is really more a book for the women, so I’m not recommending it for “tractor heads.”  I just bring the book up to point out a pet peeve of mine, people who eat while reading a library book.  I find more garbage in library books than I take out to the curb each week.  Usually the stuff is indistinguishable, but in this book I actually found a fairly good size seed from some kind of produce and dried, yellow slime to go with it.  Jeez, gross!  I’ll bet the same person that did this throws cigarette butts out the car window.  Enough ranting,  thanks for reading and I’ll be back with actual tractor news in the next post.


3 responses to “Getting Cool in Florida

  1. Very cute new look, Cindy…the hair and the toys.

  2. Love the hairstyle, Cindy!

  3. Hey Cindy, you look great!! I love the new hair do!! Sorry Brucie, we still love you but it’s all about Cindy right now!

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