The Princess Gets Up in my Business

Alright, before I get too many comments asking me what a laughing camshaft is, I’m going to “nip this thing in the bud.”  I’m back at the computer after The Princess, on reading my most recent post, asked what a “giggling” camshaft is.  Fine, so it’s jiggling.  I’ve got a number of excuses for this lapse.  First, I was pretty busy watching the squirrel/hawk thing unfold.  Second, it’s the kind of thing that “spell check” doesn’t catch.  Third, it was before happy hour, so I had not had a chance to get “balanced” with a martini.  And fourth, hell, I might as well admit it, giggling looked pretty good to me.

This all worked out for the best, however, because I really didn’t have a funny anecdote in that post, and now I do.  It’s just too dang bad that the joke had to be on me.

I’ll go back in and amend that post, so when you go in an reread it, as I know most of you do, there won’t be any laughing camshaft.


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