Raising the Dead

In my last post I told you how I had “caved” and sent The Pony’s carburetor to my brother Jim.  I had hardly returned from the PO when I got a letter from one Dr. Fullofit that coincidently has the same email address as my brother.  I am going to insert that letter here in its entirety, with the following reservations:
1.  Ordinarily in this post I try to print what amounts to some fairly close proximity to the truth.  I make no such representations with respect to the good “doctor’s” letter.
2.  The statements and opinions expressed by Dr. Fullofit are his and his alone, and neither That Idiotic Tractor, nor its author take any responsibility for them.

All right, that said, here’s the “doctor’s” letter:

Well, that was certainly some load of crapola.  You know, my parents were planning on just having me as their first child, but they thought (as a trial run, so to speak) they’d have Jim (Dr. Fullofit) to make sure they got me just right.  I’m sure you can see from his letter that it was a good thing they got that first effort out of their systems. 

And listen, since sending this letter, he’s already been following up with numerous emails hinting at all kinds of subtle little problems that might be an issue for him.  I’ll keep you posted on how the work at the LRC Clinic proceeds.  Today I will be calling the machine shop for a status report on the engine work.  After the last call where those “doctors” said they needed an in-person meeting, I’m kind of dreading today’s call.  Cross your fingers”

Thanks to Dr. Fullofit for providing my readers with some fiction, and thanks to all of you for reading.


One response to “Raising the Dead

  1. It would be helpful if the good Dr. Fulofit gave tours of his facility. I am sure they are world-renowned.
    How fortunate for you that he has seen fit to inform you of his good work.


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