Progress at the Clinic

Those of you who tune in to the website may have noticed a little up tick in the Pony Cost-o-Meter.  Feeling very optimistic one day this week I ordered a gallon of Ferguson red paint.  I finally found a place that didn’t charge twice what the product cost, for shipping.  So I went crazy and ordered a whole gallon, and that set me back $51, thus pushing the cost-o-meter up to $342.

Friday I screwed-up the courage to call the machine shop.  The word from Robert is that the guides were installed in The Pony’s engine block, but that the engine had not left for the other shop in Raleigh until Friday.  He’s guessing now it could be another week before I get a call, nothing very specific.  That engine is so far out of my hands it might as well be in China.

On a more up beat note, that idiotic brother in California may be the real thing after all.  I got an update from the Last Resort Pony Carburetor Clinic Thursday which was pretty encouraging.  I’m going to insert a copy of that update below, but with the same reservations as expressed in my previous post.  Here you go:

Have a dang good day?  What doctor writes like that?  Writing aside, my faith in the good doctor was restored when I viewed the “cat scan” images he provided.  I’ve inserted those below for your viewing pleasure as well.

You need to do two things to fully appreciate these pictures.  First, go back to my post of August 18, and look at the horrible condition the carb was in before I sent it to the “clinic.”  Then once you’re back, click on the individual images, so that you can really appreciate the way it looks now.  Note the two arrows that the doctor has helpfully made, which point out the holes he mentioned in his update.  This is fabulous progress.  I am in awe!

Unfortunately, the good doctor couldn’t just leave it alone after the repairs; he had to go and get negative.  What’s this about a $300 co-pay?  I’ll have to go back and read my policy; there’s got to be some kind of “Pony Loophole” in there somewhere.

Well, stay tuned; I’m still getting emails from this doctor (read quack).  I wonder if he’s even a Massey Harris approved provider.  He may be “out of network”.  Hell, he might be out of his mind.  The latest is that he says he’s got all kinds of extra parts.  Extra parts!  Imagine, you come off the operating table and there’s some kind of extra organ or bone just lying around, sheesh!

Now, I’m going to ask you for a favor, two actually.  First, we here at That Idiotic Tractor are finding it hard to meet expenses.  Readership is down as are advertising revenues.  If you are not too embarrassed to admit that you read this, please recommend this humble blog to a friend.  Second, I get the impression that the doctor works better with some encouragement, so if you could send a comment along which essentially says how wonderful his work is, something, anything, it might help get the work completed and keep the co-pay down.  But if you are too shy to admit that you read this drivel, don’t worry about it, I am truly happy that you’re reading.  Thanks!


2 responses to “Progress at the Clinic

  1. Thank goodness the expertise of the good doctor in the CA clinic has been utilized in the tractor restoration. It gives us readers the fun of discovering that Dr, Fulofit has hitherto well-hidden talent in handling the English language. Keep writing, Dr! After reading your last communication I laughed for hours.
    As the mother of both those “Fulofun” men, I confess to some prejudice. Nevertheless, my praise is not easily obtained. Hope all readers have enjoyed the blog as much as I.


  2. I am commenting on the Weekly Digest aka, last 3 posts.
    Cleis called me today and asking, “Did you read the Pony yet this week?” I hadn’t (have actually been working this week for my stipend). She was cracking up (she had read the letter from the quack Dr aka your brother Jim). Oh, I need to add, this is the first time she and I have spoken in over 2, count em 2 years. Of course, I had to stop my work and pull up my favorite reading material. I was afraid I was going to get fired because I was having so much fun at my desk. You do realize that your entire family is crazy,.right? So much fun!! I am so happy to be a proud subscriber to “That Idiotic Tractor “. Riddle me this Batman, after you have fixed this wonderful toy, what the heck are you going to do next. More nut hunting????

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