The Doctor is out, I Mean Way Out

My goodness, I was doing the morning 40 Sunday and about 15 mi into the ride I heard this ruckus in the woods to my right.  I thought it was deer, since there everywhere, especially early in the morning, but then streaking out of the woods, I mean “bang” right in front of me was a wild turkey as big as a Greyhound Bus.  Man he was beautiful.  Up the road just half a mile I saw two hunters, and I stopped to relate the news, just to rub it in.

A couple housekeeping items.  I missed it actually, but a few days back “That Idiotic Tractor” reached the 2000 view mark.  I’m going to speak to The Princess, but I think this deserves some type celebration.  Maybe The Princess gets a return trip to her Salon, Bangs-o-Beauty, and I get to have  game 6 of the Phillies NLCS series replayed.  Only this time in the bottom of the ninth, with the bases loaded, Ryan Howard doesn’t just watch strike three go by.  Argh!!! 

Second, the Idiotic brother in CA, caught me messing with the Cost-o-Meter.  He says I need to include the cost of shipping the carburetor out to the Last Resort Pony Carburetor Clinic.  So, you’ll note there’s 10 bucks more on the meter today. 

 And c.  lookie what I spied on one of my rides last week.  It’s an International Harvester, Farmall 100, kind of one step up in size from The Pony.  Now I admit, it isn’t quite as cute as The Pony, but this may be a fall-back position if things with The Pony turn really sour.  Nothing to The Princess on this, right?

Alright listen, back to business.  You’ll recall that last week it looked like Dr. Fullofit out in CA was really making some nice progress on the carburetor, and I shared some images of his work with you in the last post.  Well, by Friday he finished the job and sent some pictures along to prove it;  I’m placing those below.

Some of the things he had to do along the way:  1. bead blast the whole thing to remove all the rust (that’s like sand blasting only with tiny beads of glass), 2. fill the two holes in the carb that showed up after the bead blasting, 3. drain the 20-year-old gas out of the carb floats, 4. find and seal the leaks in the floats by resoldering, and I’m sure a bunch of other things that doctors do, but don’t talk about.

Then he had to stitch it back together and prime and paint it.  Now he claims to have accomplished this in only a couple of hours, and this may be true.  He didn’t get the carb from me until Wednesday and he put in the mail back to me on Friday.

This fast progress may strike you as “the carb wagging the engine,” but the doctor has recommended 12 weeks of carburetor rehab for “Carbie” before it can go back to work, something about exercises and lectures on not drinking dirty gas.  So Gene and I should have time to get the engine put back together by the time that rehab is completed.

Something tells me we haven’t heard the last of Dr. Fullofit, so don’t be surprised if he schedules another appointment.  I can hardly wait.

Thanks for reading!


4 responses to “The Doctor is out, I Mean Way Out

  1. If you’re going to make claims such as seeing a “wild turkey as big as a Greyhound bus”, I think your readers deserve to see a photo documenting such claim. Just saying…….

  2. Ok, Nancy, I admit it I was exaggerating, and I didn’t have my camera, but I could swear that as he crossed the road he was gobbling, “…and leave the driving to us.”

  3. I can’t quite decide which story this is, Tom Sawyer or Stone Soup.

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