Dr. Fullofit Misses Nobel by One Vote!

The headline derives from an email received from The Idiotic Brother.  Dr. Fullofit alleges that he got a call from his clinic, The Last Resort Pony Carburetor Clinic, after it received first hand the news about the near miss on the Nobel.  Coincidently, this was the same day that similar “crank emails” were received by Brett Favre, Madonna, Bernie Madoff and Lassie the Wonder Dog.  So, you know, “grain of salt.”

This week I had a wonderful comment from Linda (see homepage) wherein among other things she claims that my entire family is crazy.  At first I thought, what? and then on reflection, had to agree that, yeah they’re all nuts.  Now, I know a lot of my relatives read this blog and may disagree, so if any of you take umbrage at Linda’s claim, feel free to write in with concrete proof that you are not nuts.  I’m pretty sure there’ll be no flood of incoming comments.

Linda also inquired in her comment as to what would occupy my time once The Pony was up and running, suggesting perhaps, nut hunting.  Ha, as just discussed, no need to look far there.  No, it is looking way too far off even to consider what my world would be like with and operational Pony.  Though, I have always admired the look of a freshly plowed field, with the neat parallel rows of furrows and the earthy smell of freshly dug soil.  I may have to start informally looking for the proverbial “back forty” somewhere.

So many things have kept me from getting this post published that I could probably do one of those “Top Ten” lists of all the reasons.  To list a few:
1.  There really has not been much tractor news this week.  I spent maybe an hour out at Gene’s on Wednesday.  I cleaned a bunch of muck out of the compartment where the clutch normally resides.  It contained a combination of  oil and 20 years worth of stuff some animals/insects left in there.  Yuck!  I also removed the tractor’s seat, as it has some small cracks and corrosion holes in it.  So, I’ll take a few pictures and then (I hate this part) consult with Dr. Fullofit on the best course of action.   The doctor trained in the U.S. Navy as a welder, so unlike many things he professes to know something about, he does actually have some expertise in this area.  After viewing a couple of Pony’s at the tractor show, Gene and I believe this seat to be original to The Pony.  While at Gene’s I picked-up some of the parts we had pulled off earlier, so that I can start cleaning those up.  This at least keeps me busy while awaiting the completion of the engine work over in Raleigh/Durham.  Speaking of that work, it was a week ago they said it might be done today, so I just gave them a call.  Buster’s out to lunch, but then we knew that.  The office promised to call me back when they get an update.  This whole thing with the engine makes me nervous.  If I hear something before I finish this post, I’ll include it.
2.  We had the carpets cleaned and I couldn’t get at the computer for a day.
3.  I had this huge email argument with The Idiotic Brother on which English muffins are best, Thomas’s or Bay’s.  He actually thinks those nasty, dry, hard Thomas’s muffins are better than the Bay’s, which have this great soft, moist texture that when combined with the proper (pay attention brother) toasting end up being crispy on the outside and soft and moist on the inside.  I can never win arguments like this with him.  First, its like trying to talk to a brick, and second since he’s on the west coast, he can always send the last email of the day.  Anyway, I am sure you all have opinions on this important issue, so if you have a view one way or the other, leave a comment.  I’m so sure that everyone agrees with me, that I will promise not to delete any disagreeable comments.
4.  I was struggling all week with this deep philosophical problem.  What do cows think?  I was out doing the morning 40 on Sunday and noticed that when I passed a bunch of Holsteins, their heads moved to follow my progression down the road.  So what were they thinking:
          a.  I see those all the time and none of them seem to have an ass.
          b.  Idiot, probably owns a Pony.
          c.  Where’s Shirley, here for years then suddenly yesterday, gone.
          d.  God, my teats hurt, where’s that dang farmer.
          e.  When I signed up for this pasture, it sounded so great, but its all just
                chew, chew, chew, chew, chew, chew, poop, chew, chew, chew,  well
                you get my drift.
          f.  From the one whose head didn’t turn, will interest rates EVER go up?
By the way, when I was looking up the proper spelling of Holstein, I was amazed to see that the correct pronunciation of this breed is “hole stine” with the ei getting the proper German pronunciation of a long i.  Have any of you (even those of you of German descent) ever pronounced it that way?

Finally, to wrap up, I saw something I just love, something that sums up for me the busy, hectic lives we lead.  A car coming toward me on Russell’s Chapel road, a long way off I see something on the roof.  She’s not going slow, maybe 4o mph, and as she approaches I recognize it.  It’s her cup of morning coffee, not a mug, but a nice dainty, little cup, in a saucer rattling on down the road.

Thanks for reading.


6 responses to “Dr. Fullofit Misses Nobel by One Vote!

  1. I’m weighing in on the English muffin issue. Have you ever tried Wolferman’s out of Kansas City? They leave all others in the dust – at least that’s my opinion – for what it’s worth. They are available on-line.
    I am happily keeping up with tractor progress.

    • Dell, Dell, Dell, the point here is not to find the world’s greatest English muffin. Your Wolf Trap babies may indeed be fabulous, but you are “muddying the waters.” You see the point of this whole exercise is for me to be right and the Idiotic Brother to be wrong. That is the way it has been all of our lives and frankly, the last one to die will probably say, “See, I was right”! So, if you could not eat Wolfies and had to pick between the other two?

  2. Uncle Carlie is 78 years old and has poor eye sight. Is there any chance that you could increase the type size?

    • Mike, you think Dr. Fullofit and I don’t recognize this? It’s one of the oldest ploys in the book. The patient goes into the doctor’s office and says, “Doctor, I have this friend who has a problem.” Yeah, right! How far back from the screen have you been sitting anyway? Ok, all seriousness aside, there is an easy way to deal with this at your end. When you pull up the email with the latest post, simply go up to the top of the screen and click on “View.” When that opens, click on “Larger or Largest, depending on how big you need it. And next time don’t blame Uncle Carly!

  3. I must agree that Boehmke’s are a unique breed, but we do have some socially redeeming qualities such as: an unbelievable depth of cocktail conversation topics and dashing good looks.

  4. Mr. Boehmke,
    I know you have suggested other Pony owners contact me for carburetor services. There has always been confusion with my name. Please inform others that the correct pronunciation is FULLO – FIT.
    Thanks for your referals,
    Dr. Fullofit

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