Before and After

The Princess read the most recent post last night.  Her first comment was, “If I’d a known that Pony eats dollars instead of hay I’d a been a lot madder.”  Don’t worry though, she was still basking in the afterglow of another good haircut at “Pow, Some Upper Cut!”  so she stayed in her seat and kept on reading.

Just so you know, when she picks up errors (frequently), I do go back and update the post.  So if you were offended by some heinous incorrect word when you first read the post, you could go back and read it again (right).  This time, however, she also had a good suggestion.  She said I ought to have included a side by side of what the fire deck looked like before and after the machine shop work.  After all, why are Gene and I taking all those pictures.

 So, without further ado, below are the “before and after’s.”  The “before” was originally included in my post of August 26.

As long as we’re doing comparisons, here are two shots, one of the engine’s “head” in “as found” condition, and the other after the jet washing and bead blasting at the shop.

I have to admit that it’s fun to look at these.  It “bucks me up” too, as sometimes I think we’re not making any progress; it’s slow, but we are.

This morning it’s raining, so there’ll be no morning 40, and as its forecast to keep right on through the day, I get to work on the engine block.  Yesterday I spent a couple of hours cleaning off WD 40 that the shop had sprayed on certain areas as a rust inhibitor and then wire brushing and sanding rusty spots.  The Princess said, “How cute, you were downstairs brushing The Pony.”  Hey, stop it, I’m trying to be an engine guy here.  Anyway, by day’s end I should have the block and head painted with primer.

By the way, who’s reading my blog after I go to bed at night?  This is creepin’ me out.  A couple of times in the past week, the “views” have doubled overnight.  Are there some nocturnal viewers out there, or maybe “left coasters?”  Hey, I’m not complaining, but WHO ARE YOU? 

Thanks for reading, even you nocturnal’s.


One response to “Before and After

  1. Cindy has lost sight of what a huge investment this is. You’re investing money in the Pony and every week, it’s appreciating and bloggers appreciate it too. If it ever appreciates to the level of the Cost-O-Meter is another story. In any case, just keep throwing money at it. This is also an investment in just plain FUN.
    It’s a bit like investing in a haircut.

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