Idiotic Author has Incurable Ostrich Syndrome

It may be terminal, but then, I don’t want to know.

There are those who right away want to know everything about something, including the worst.  The author is not one of those people.  What if a voice coming from, I don’t know, a bush in the back yard, told you something is going to happen to you next Friday, and you can choose to know what that something is now, or you can just wait for Friday to roll around.  I’m pretty sure most people would say, “Tell me now, and make it snappy.”  Your author would a) head for the front yard pronto where the shrubs don’t talk, and b) wait for Friday, but probably with a hedge clipper handy.  I JUST DON’T WANT TO KNOW!

So, when even before The Pony was out of the woods the idiotic brother was all in a lather, “Find out if the engine turns over,” with all kinds of reasons why this was important, I’d have none of it.  I wanted that Pony, it didn’t matter if the engine was frozen; it’s mine, I want it, I’m taking it, and I’ll deal with the little details later.  Ok, Ok, so that’s how the Cost-O-Meter got to $600 plus, but the trip from $0 to $600 was fun.  By the way, don’t let The Princess know how flip I’m acting over 600 bucks.  Her reaction to that would be another thing I don’t want to know.

So next, the idiotic brother started badgering me, keep in mind this is all via email and phone; yeah right, he doesn’t have to get his hands dirty, about the stupid  transmission.  I just get the engine ready to start rebuilding it, and he starts changing the subject to a whole nother thing.  A thing about which I know the same amount as I do engines, zero.  He argued, “You can get that little engine just humming along fine, but without the transmission your just going to be sitting there in that tractor seat going nowhere.”

You’re not only distracting me, man, but you’re trying to pull my dang ostrich head out of the sand.  No, no, no, no, NO!  So, Saturday dawns a beautiful day.  I got nothing bothering me like say, knowledge that my transmission is a piece of junk, and I head out to Gene’s.  Once again, the goal will be to clean-up the chassis in the area where the engine will go when we’re done putting it back together.

No sooner do I pull the tarp off The Pony, but Gene comes around the corner of the garage with the first words out of his mouth being, “You know, that situation with the drive shaft is bothering me.”  Argh!  I said, “Yeah, you and the idiotic brother are just alike.  Why don’t you guys get a little business going where you counsel people to learn how to face reality?”  Sheesh.  But Gene was right there, and a little harder to put off than the IB who’s way out there in California, so I buckled and said, “Ok, let’s take a look inside.”

Well, we spent the next hour removing covers from the transmission and the differential and peering in and feeling around in that lovely slime of jellied 20-year-old transmission fluid and water.  Below are a couple of photos of the interior of the transmission.

I think that second shot is kind of artistic, and don’t be concerned, it isn’t really very rusty in there.  I stuck my hand in and felt all around touching as much of the gearing as I could and feeling for any metal parts at the bottom.  At least from this cursory exam (no rubber gloves by the way), my far from expert opinion is, nsb (not so bad.)  The thing we could not figure out and still can’t is why the drive shaft is not somehow meshing into the transmission.  It’s just too dark in there and the quarters are too tight to see, or even feel what’s going on. 

So then, since we couldn’t find the answer where we expected it to be, we decided to take a look in another nice, dark, slimy place, the differential.  By the way, I found it interesting that in the case of the Pony, unlike a lot of other vehicles, the transmission and the differential are “bang” on to each other.  There really is no separation other than a partial interior wall.  They, in fact, share the same transmission fluid; it simply flows between the two cases.  Anyway, here’s a shot of the inside of the differential.

Again, this looks nastier than it really is.  Everything actually looks ok and feels ok.  But, of course, the “eyes wide open twins” are still not happy.  They want the answer as to why that drive shaft is not engaging with the transmission.  Boys, I think actually I could be pretty happy for at least a while anyway, with the engine running and me sitting on The Pony’s seat next to Gene’s garage going nowhere.

Well, I haven’t totally left the subject.  Since we are basically “stumped,” I’ve put a question out there on the ever helpful, and most interesting “YT Tractor Forum.”  For those of you who are long time readers, you may remember this is the site where I got the great advice to set the tractor on fire in order to get a piston unfrozen.   Actually, there are some great guys, who are really interested in helping, that respond to queries there, so who knows, they may have some great advice.  I JUST DON’T WANT TO KNOW WHAT IT IS!  At least until, say Friday.

Thanks for reading.


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