Moseying along….

The Idiotic Author’s Mom just asked for some shots of fall foliage.  Boy, down there in Sarasota is she ever disconnected from reality.  Mom, you missed it; leaves peaked here I’d say about a week ago.  Nevertheless, there are still a few leaves hanging on, so on the “morning 40” yesterday I brought the camera along and took a few shots on the way to and from Pittsboro.  Like I say, they are past their prime and yesterday was cloudy, so all I can say is you shoulda seem ’em last week.


The shot above is of University Lake which in the winter you can just get a glimpse of through the trees from our back deck.  But more importantly, I pulled The Pony out of these very woods about a hundred yards from shore.  Sometimes I wish the damn thing had just rolled in!

I think this is Meachum Rd on the way out of Orange County.  It’s uphill, so not one of my favorite spots.

Further up Meachum is the entrance to Gene’s place, where I took this shot.  This is the new woods where The Pony resides.

There’s those stupid cows that always watch me go by.  Here they were a bit back off the road and kind of moseying along.  Mosey, what a great verb.  By the way, can’t you just imagine The Pony out in this field doing something tractors do…I don’t know…maybe moseying?

Blah, blah, blah….

I think this shot is of Jones Ferry Rd. just after it peaks at the top of the hill near the big antenna that serves our local public TV station.

And finally, there’s no place like home, the view off the back deck this morning.  I appreciate your patience, and if this little picture show was a little boring, well blame it on my Mom.

Things continue on, on the tractor front.  I’m just going to insert here an answer I received to my cry for help on the YT Tractor Forum.
In Reply to: Pony Drive Shaft posted by Pony1952 on November 13, 2010 at 19:48:14:
I asked the friend with the parts Pony today about the shaft (as they have 1 restored, and 2 “working” tractors).. He commented that the restored one was done by someone else, so he really don’t know how the shaft goes either, but he too thinks the alignment could be the issue.
We’re going to try to get to his parts tractor one night this week and see if we can’t figure something out.. He and I were both pretty busy trying to get equipment put away and other jobs around our farms this afternoon.
I’ll let you know if we figure anything out.

This was the second message from Brad, who is really going the extra mile to try to help-out.  Isn’t this amazing, these two guys, Brad and his friend, are actually farmers.  I’m so embarrassed that I have it so easy.  The closest thing to farming I do is to send an email to the HOA telling them to get on the lawn guy’s ass about the crab grass.

Brad also sent a link to a Pony Parts Book, so we can (for the first time) see what the drive shaft looks like at the other end of that deep dark tunnel we’ve been looking into.  Then this morning another guy sent some more helpful information on how the drive shaft hooks-up with the transmission.  So, once again the Idiotic author wins, and for that he has to say THANK YOU!

And thanks for looking at Mom’s pictures.


3 responses to “Moseying along….

  1. Sure was nice that the blog author responded to this Floridian’s request to see fall foliage. Thanks a LOT, Bruce. The leaves may have been brighter earlier, but it’s still a beautiful, fall countryside on those pictures.


  2. I’m glad your mom asked for pictures of the foliage. The color of the leaves is just beautiful…(sigh). I wish I could mosey around in the woods looking for chestnuts. HA!! No chestnuts for me!! I don’t think I’ve ever had a chestnut. Glad you found the worms before Cindy!!

  3. No comment on the foliage blog…other than to say it was cute. I am more interested in the tractor. I assume from other readings that it is not operational right now. But do we see it being functionable in the furture…I don’t know, say for turning over the soil, cutting the grass, harvesting the crops ? Just asking.

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