Snow Men Redux, 60 Years Later

Holy Cow.  Maybe I triggered something with that last snowman post.  As if in response, a real monster of a snowstorm tracked up the East Coast and brought all the snow man building material a person could ask for.  This morning here in North Carolina we were greeted with maybe 6 inches of snow, and for us that’s huge.

After shoveling the drive I went out back and tested the snow, and sure enough it was what we used to call “good packin.”  So I began rolling my first snowman ball.  I’d forgotten, but it was heavy hard work.  Eventually I got that first ball done and started the second.  When that was done I rolled it up to the first and…uh oh…too heavy to lift.

That’s when I remembered that snowman building was at least partially about teamwork.  So I knocked on our neighbor’s (Paul, Sheila and Alexander) door and asked if they could come-up and help me finish.  With their help it wasn’t long and we had a finished product.  There was lots of picture-taking and posing with the snow man. 

After going inside we noticed another neighbor came over with their little one and took pictures with the snow man too.  At The Princess’s suggestion, we went back out and added a second face, so that he has one face toward the street and one that we can see from the house.  Yes, I’ll save you the trouble, he’s two-faced, just like me.  Not to leave you in suspense any longer, here’s a shot of me taken almost 60 years after the one I put in the last post.

I’d forgotten a few things about snow man building,  the weight, the cold, the wet jeans cuffs and mittens.  And learned a new thing, that at 63 after all that work, my back will hurt for a while.  Best leave this to the kids from here on.

Anyone else who wants to share snow man pictures from the big East Coast storm, or from anywhere else for that matter, send ’em to me and I’ll include them in the next post.  Have fun everyone!


2 responses to “Snow Men Redux, 60 Years Later

  1. Very cool snowman!! I spent 3 hours shoveling snow today and would not care if I never saw snow again. We had a foot of snow in Philly but the drifts gave me about 2 1/2 feet to shovel in my driveway. I think I am going to have some really awesome biceps as a result of all of this shoveling . I enjoyed reading this post and the previous one that included the pic of you, your dad and the snow man and boy. I’m glad you enjoy the holidays but how can you not love the little drummer boy? I think it is probably my favorite “serious” Christmas song! I sure do miss you and Cindy and I love you both!!

  2. On the front page of today’s Herald Tribune is an 8×10 picture of snow
    on trees and cars in RALEIGH. Too bad they didn’t have your photo with the snowman. Nice going. That will teach you not to sing “I’m dreaming
    of a white Christmas. Sometimes we get more than we bargain for.
    How is Mom handling it? It’s COLD here. We are due for a hard freeze
    tonight, then by Wed. it will be in the 70s!!! It’s a nutty winter.

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