The Pony Puts His Foot Down

Hey, this is The Pony speaking.  I’ve been watching what’s been goin’ on here for the last 30 days, and frankly, I’m disgusted.  Bruce has gone “off the rails” with Christmas, and nostalgia, and just about anything else he could do…except work on me!  This thing has turned into a fancy Facebook page, and it ain’t even MY face.  This has all got to change.

I’m stepping in and mandating some changes.  First, tractor work needs to begin right now.  No more namby pamby…oh it’s too cold, or…oh I’m too busy with Christmas, or …oh a snowman got me, or…oh my Mom is here visiting…  Sheesh, get with it man!  Second, as one of our readers said, we need to set a definitive goal, you know, something to shoot for.  Just because you’re retired, doesn’t mean we’ve got forever.  Remember Bruce, when you did your financial plan, and they asked you to put in an age for your “end of retirement?”  Do you think that was just a number?  The clock is ticking “tractor boy.”

So, here it is. We’re setting a New Year’s resolution.  I know what some are going to say.  That these things mean nothing and that most of them are broken.  But, Bruce, I know you.  You’re not like those others.  When you set a goal for yourself you reach it.  I don’t think this is too aggressive, so it shouldn’t keep you from getting in your miles on that two-wheeled piece of junk.  Get real, you need four wheels to have real fun.  Nor should it keep you from occasionally appeasing The EVIL Princess with some royal fol-der-ol. 
This doesn’t mean that every single aspect of my restoration needs to be complete, but I’m further defining this to mean that I’m presentable, I’m able to get out of Gene’s driveway under my own power and that I can do a few laps on the street.  People keep asking about the “end game,” but we won’t concern ourselves with that now.

…Ah em…Pony, back-off!  You’re just a hunk of metal, and this is my blog.  You’re just THAT IDIOTIC TRACTOR.  Folks, this is your idiotic author stepping in to take back his turf, or maybe in blog terms, “blurf.”  Let’s be clear, I call the shots.  And I’m telling you, you’re not helping yourself by deriding The Princess.  You’d better watch it.  But, having said that, I think you make a valid point, and I accept as stated the resolution you have set out above.  Let’s shake on it…aw jeez…what is that black gunk?


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