This Just in……

This is not going to be a long post, but for a couple of reasons I just wanted to get something out.  First, I had some technical difficulties with the last post; it came out on the Home Page without a title and in the wrong font.  This will serve as a test to see if we have that straightened out.

Second, it’s time to say thanks again.  Stats provided by my so-called publisher indicate that this week That Idiotic Tractor crossed the 5000 view threshold and including subscriber views, we’re now over 6000.  I truly do appreciate your readership.  As I’ve said before, I am a shallow and needy person, and as much as I’d like to deny it, I really get a lift from knowing you are out there sharing my successes and failures and my little stories.  The Pony appreciates it too.  Thanks!

Third, your idiotic author went in to see the orthopedist today.  If you’ll recall, I had a scare 10 days ago and thought for sure I’d done something bad to the surgeon’s work.  Well, I guess it pays to be a pessimist, because then when something good happens you’re pleasantly surprised.  This was all good.  I described the incident where I felt the pop in my shoulder, he tested my range of motion, moved my arm all around, asked about pain and declared that I am just as I should be at the five-week mark.  The icing on the cake, he didn’t even think I’d done anything wrong.  So, sorry Jim, no diagnosis of stupidity.  I can now drive and have only one week left of the sling (a less bulky version) and only need that when I go out in public.  After the fact, The Princess tried to define my shop in the garage as “out in public,” but I said “no way” to that.

Now if  y’alls thoughts and prayers played a role in today’s outcome, then I must also thank you for that.  But don’t push it; just hoping and praying usually doesn’t get one a jar of my homemade strawberry jam come April. 
Oh, and thanks for reading.  Woo hoooooo, I’m going out to play!


One response to “This Just in……

  1. Hey Bruce, glad to hear that your are healing and well on the road to recovery. I broke my right shoulder in 3 places a couple years ago. Didn’t have to have surgery but it was a miserable 6 weeks trying to do normal every day tasks let alone being deprived of driving. Honestly, as major as it was having both knees replaced, I almost would rather go through something like that again rather than any shoulder break/surgery. Last weekend I took 5 or 6 printed issues of your blog to Barb Evans in the nursing home. Told her some of them made me laugh out loud and I know she will enjoy reading them. She had just returned for a week in the hospital so she needed some cheer. My best to you and Cindy, Nancy

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