Idiotic Author’s Two-Bit Repair

This one goes under the heading, “Only in North Carolina.”  I’m speaking of what Raleigh’s News and Observer calls “The Doggie Breakout Case.”  In Pittsboro, the town just south of us, one of the Town Commissioners was arrested for breaking his dog, Gidget (a Yorkshire terrier), out of rabies confinement.  While Gidget was “on the lam” she was moved first to another animal hospital, then sprung from that one, and finally caught when the defendant’s wife returned her to the animal hospital.  He pled “no contest,” and paid court costs of $133.  But before it was all over, the animal hospital to which Gidget had been moved started a Facebook phenomenon with it’s “Free Gidget ” campaign.  Be proud Tarheels!

I know you are all wondering what’s going on with the Pony.  Believe it or not, I’ve been working pretty hard down in the shop and have been making progress.  First, I’ve been wire brushing, sanding, priming and painting those parts I got back from the machine shop.  After the prep work each part gets a coat of primer and three coats of tractor paint.  I don’t know what’s up with that paint, but it does really take the three coats to get good coverage.  Here’s a couple of pictures of recently completed parts.

The top photo is the timing gear cover and the second is the valve train cover.  Another thing I had to do is scrape some of my beautiful paint job off the engine block.  I had mistakenly painted right up to the edge of the valve train compartment, and in order for the gasket to get a good grip the paint had to go.  Here’s a shot of the area I scraped.

Now I know you probably saw the headline and thought, well, that’s redundant, because it’s obvious that this whole project is a “two-bit” repair.  I need to explain.  You’ll recall that after going through the bath at the machine shop two small holes had been revealed in the bottom of the oil pan (see picture).

I consulted with Dr. Fullofit on this, and he felt that using a product called J-B Weld rather than actually having someone weld or braise those spots would be sufficient.  By the way, the JB does not stand for Jim Boehmke as Dr. Fullofit claims.  The procedure he recommended called for using the J-B Weld compound to affix a coin to the inside of the oil pan, one over each hole.  He further said that probably using a quarter would be best as it provides a bit more surface area and, therefore, a better bond.  Thus my reference to the two-bit repair, I know, actually with two quarters its four bits.  Don’t be such sticklers!

I thoroughly wire brushed the area around the holes where the coins would be placed.  I placed masking tape over the holes on the exterior of the pan; this to keep the excess compound from oozing out from under the coins and draining out through the holes.  I then mixed up the compound and applied it to one side of each coin.  After pressing the coins in place, I placed a brick on top to hold em in place.  The whole business was left to cure overnight, and in the morning I had a completed repair.  Check it out!

Isn’t that great?  It’s going to drive some guy nuts about 20 years from now when he tears down the engine, sees these quarters and wonders what year they are.  Oh, I forgot to say that since both holes lay on curved areas of the pan, I put a slight bend on each so that they would conform better to the pan’s shape.

I was pretty proud of this repair, so I explained to The Princess what I’d done.  You’re probably way ahead of me on this, but she caught me off guard when she rolled her eyes and said, “Great, it isn’t enough that you’re spending our retirement money on that Pony, but now you’re literally throwing money at it!”  I think she imagine’s the entire Pony eventually studded with coins.  Hmmm….

One final note.  I just heard that my uncle Carly is going through a tough phase in his struggle with a particularly nasty disease.  Carly we have you in our hearts and will be thinking of you every day until you are back on your feet.  That comes from Cindy, me and the Pony, who knows about being really sick.  Get better Man!
Thanks for reading.


One response to “Idiotic Author’s Two-Bit Repair

  1. Billy Vollenweider

    Don’t forget to add the two quarters to the “Cost-O-Meter”

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