The Old Pump

The farmer went out the back door and saw two things, his trusty Massey-Harris Tractor sitting over by the barn and the old pump with stars behind the windmill blades.  He took a picture and asked me to include it in this post.
I didn’t quite understand the guy, me being from the South, so when he said “ol (pronouncing it awl) pump” I thought he was talking about the oil pump.  Since his picture didn’t look like any oil pump I’d ever seen, I made this one up using all the pieces of the Pony’s oil pump, which coincidentally when all put together do look a lot like the old pump back on the farm.

It’s so satisfying to bring old parts back to life, taking them from nasty to nice; it’s hard to leave them alone afterwards.  Playing with them a little before putting them back to work gives me a little longer to hold on to them. 

But put them to work I did.  With a little guidance from Dr. Fullofit I assembled the pump, including its to gaskets.  In the process, I applied Black Velvet (that’s Ultra Black gasket sealer to those of you who don’t know “engine speak”) to both sides of the gaskets.  I then bolted the whole shebang onto the rear of the engine.  Here’s a shot of the back of the block, now all buttoned-up.

By the way, keep in mind when you view these pictures that the engine is upside down on the work table.  You can also see here that I have installed the rear oil seal cover, including its newly installed oil seal.  To remove the old oil seal and install the new one, I pulled out the trusty band saw and sawed a wooden disk out of hard pine.  This served as my “punch tool.”  Here are a couple of shots of that process.
With the new seal in place in the cover, I applied the black velvet to the cover’s gasket and then bolted that whole business onto the block. 
***ALERT, ALERT, The Princess just called up here from downstairs to say she was heading out to “When Hairy met Salon,” her latest beauty parlor in downtown Carrboro.  If later you hear that anything has happened to me, it’s likely because I forgot to hold my tongue on her return.  Wish me luck.***

I seem to be doing everything in reverse in this post, but now I’ve got to go back to last weekend to show you how Gene and I buttoned up the engine’s front end.  The following series of shots relates to the install of the timing gear cover.

You see just the cover in the first shot.  After this photo was taken I inserted the oil/dust seal.  In the second shot I am applying the black velvet to one side of the cover’s gasket; both sides were sealed in this manner.  The other shots show the tighten-down (20 ft lbs on the torque wrench) and finally the fully buttoned-up front end.  I must mention too that with regard to getting everything tightened-up inside the timing gear cover, we were having some trouble with the cranking freezing up.  After thinking on it for a few days, Gene was the one that came up with the solution.  Not to get into too much detail, Gene simply put that lock washer that isn’t featured in the Pony Tech engine drawings AT ALL behind the big flat washer and voila!  She turns just fine.
***UPDATE, UPDATE, The Princess has returned.  Oh my, well, in the spring the sheep get shorn.  When I’m down in my wood shop, the rule is “measure twice, cut once.”  It’s obvious to me they hadn’t heard of that rule at the old sal-on.  Please, give me a call in a few days, just to check-up on me, you know, in the event The Princess has taken this all wrong.*** 
But back to the engine, with the front and back closed-up, I’m close to putting the oil pan on.  Need to paint it red first.  Oh, forgot to say that when Gene was over we also got valve train cover and its gasket back on the engine too.  So, I tell you, we’re really making progress.  You know forgetting something like I just did there reminded me of a thought I had last night.

A year ago I bought an iPad when they first hit the market.  I just love that thing and for a lot of different reasons.  But last night The Princess and I were talking about how it has relieved a lot of the frustration that comes from forgettin stuff as we get older.  It serves as a kind of brain booster.  No longer do we stew for hours over, for example, what group performed “Didn’t I”;” it was the Delfonics.  Or what year the movie “Moonstruck” was released; it was 1987.  Or where the hell are all our CD’s invested, man thank God, all that stuff is in the little portable brain.  Like I said, it’s just great…now lets see, what the hell is the password for gettin in there?

I’ve got to go find my little lamb, but hey, thanks for reading.


One response to “The Old Pump

  1. Billy Vollenweider

    Another great blog. Don’t forget we need as many “before and after” comparison shots as you can manage. I really enjoy them.

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