A Grand Day Out

After the wild weather of the weekend, The Princess and I give thanks that we were spared any damage here and want to express our appreciation for all the calls and emails we received from concerned readers, friends and relatives.  To celebrate we took a little road trip today on a beautiful, sunny, 85-degree day.  Our goal was the Tractor Supply Co. store in Siler City.  It was an easy and pleasant 30 mile drive down, and even with the car windows closed and the AC on, the smell of honeysuckle was so fragrant that you could still smell it inside the car.   In no time at all we were there, and here’s the proof.

What I picked-up there was some tractor paint.  I had wanted to get spray paint for the oil pan that still needs painting.  I also bought a quart of their non-spray tractor paint to see if it might get better coverage than the brand I’m using now.  We’ll see, on the next visit out to the Pony when I put the next coat of red on the engine compartment.  When I got back into the car,  I told The Princess that this was just the first of many visits we’ll be making here after I buy the farm.  She looked at me and said, “Yeah right, after you’ve “bought the farm” you won’t be making many trips anywhere.  Hmmmm.

The best part of this pleasant day, was a stop in Pittsboro at the S&T Soda Shop for ice cream.  Fabulous ice cream at an antique soda fountain rescued from a turn-of-the-century drug store.  Great!

I was trying to clean-up the sediment bowl yesterday.  It’s an old-fashioned fuel filter with a metal top, and a glass bowl with a fine mesh screen inside to filter the gas.  I was having trouble getting a build-up of something that looked like a bad case of tooth tartar out of the metal top, so emailed Dr. Fullofit.  His suggestion was to try soaking it in lemon juice, so before we left on our road trip I tossed it in a plastic container to soak.  Holy cow, when we got back the lemon juice was foaming  and had popped the top off the container.  Must have been a nice reaction between the metal and the lemon juice, which in addition to the foaming action did a great job on that tartar.  Here are the before and after’s on that little job.


Yikes, now that I look at these together, I see that I actually lost some metal at the bottom of the throat.  Sure hope that’s not a problem.

Hey, look at Monday’s page from my tractor, page-a-day calendar.

Isn’t that great!  As it says, this is from a French product brochure, but I’m telling you, even with that silly beret can that guy plow a nice straight furrow or what?  It concerns me though, does that say Pony or Puny?  I mean come on, sure it’s small, but it ain’t puny!

Housekeeping Note.  The Cost-O-Meter took a $40 hit with this post.  This covers parts for the distributor and sediment bowl rebuilds and the paint from Tractor Supply.  Current balance on the meter:  $864.  Also along the lines of housekeeping, I came across a couple of pictures that should have been included in my earlier post about The Boehmke Hatchery.  For those of you who hadn’t seen the hatchery, I’m wondering if you pictured it like this.

 That’s a portion of Gramma’s garden in the foreground.  This second one is a shot of my idiotic brothers with Grampa playing with chicks from the hatchery.

You can’t really make it out in this picture, but when I zoomed in on this in photo shop I could see that in the center Phil is giving his chick a little ride on a device used to measure the size of eggs.  Of course, the ever-present cigar in the corner of Grampa’s mouth.  I took both of these pictures with my little Kodak Brownie camera, and judging by Phil’s approximate age of 7 or 8, I’d place this shot in the 1957-1958 range.  It wasn’t long after this that Jim started playing with a different sort of “chicks.” 

Big day for me tomorrow, I go in for what I expect to be my last visit to the orthopaedist.  I anticipate that he will release me to ride my bike again, so Saturday should see me once again cruising the back roads of North Carolina.  Woo hooo!
Thanks for reading.


One response to “A Grand Day Out

  1. Billy Vollenweider

    Wow! What a great shot of the hatchery and gram’s garden. It is exactly like I remember it. Takes me back 50 years. Notice Jim’s “hunting knife”? In case any bears attacked.

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