The Percolator Song

First things first.  There’s a post, post script to that last post.  You’ll recall my writing about finding a deer tick running around in my underwear after my venture into the woods to visit the Olds.  Well, the next day I felt kind a pinch on my upper thigh, and sure enough, there was one of those little buggers latched onto me.  Got to looking around and found another one hanging on to my back.  I called out for The Princess, and between the two of us, we tweezered them off.  Now I’m waiting around for any of the tell-tale signs of an infection or worse, lime disease.  So that’s it for trips in to visit the Olds.

Moving on,  it was 1962, almost 40 years ago.  The Pony was in the shop on its 10th birthday having its first engine overhaul.  While Buster ground the valves, the white, plastic radio on the shelf in the back of the shop was playing this song.  Click these words to listen.  That silly little song popped into my brain a few days ago.  Isn’t the brain a marvelous thing?  The Princess didn’t remember the song, but she did remember the Maxwell House Coffee commercial which inspired it.  This was the era of the gimmick song.  Remember “Telstar,” which supposedly mimicked the sounds of an early communications satellite launched by AT&T.  It made number one on the “pop” charts, also in 1962.  Man, what a low point in music!  But the brain, I don’t know, its got  a mind of its own (the brain’s brain); without regard to taste, it remembers what it wants and spits it back out randomly when one least expects it.

So back to the shop, when Buster finished the valves, and was getting ready to close the engine back up, it might have looked something like this.

Well, actually I’m guessing he was more concerned with what he put in the engine than what the exterior looked like.  But this is what the Pony’s engine looks like right now.  Yeah, it’s upside down, and there’s still some way to go, but this is starting to look like something.  That’s the “two-bit” oil pan on the top.  The photo shows a dry run of the oil pan bolt-down.

I’ve been cleaning, priming and painting a lot of parts, and the garage is starting to look like a Pony parts warehouse.  I’m pretty close to having the hydraulic pump and its associated parts finished.  Here’s some shots of that stuff.

Some of these parts need another coat or two, but while I work on those parts, I’m now also cleaning up the air cleaner and preparing it for paint.  It’s a rather large, ungainly thing.  I’ve got its cap all done and the oil reservoir is stripped but the center section still needs a lot of work.  Here’s what it looks like at this point.

Gene tells me he’s been out doing further tear-down on the Pony.  He’s got the control panel (dashboard) off, but is struggling with the steering wheel.  We’ve either had rain or a threat of rain here for over a week, with that same scenario due to continue until week’s end.  Then, I hope to get back out to Gene’s, so I can get another coat of paint on the engine compartment and we can start looking into the long neglected “drive shaft issue.”

Now what the heck is that little pinch I’m feeling in my underarm?
Thanks for reading.


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