From A to Pork

I’ve been working on the Pony’s air cleaner off and on for over a month, but it’s finally done.  Today I took a picture for all to enjoy.

There’s one coat of primer (hand brushed) and 3 coats of Pony Red (sprayed, at least a whole can).  Before painting I had to have one of those eyelets welded back together at a “hack” shop about three miles from here.  Yeah, the $10 from that is in the Cost-O-Meter.  Of course there was the usual degreasing and wire-brushing too.

I also closed-up the oil pan a few days ago by applying the “Black Velvet” gasket sealer to the crankcase, laying the gasket over that and then screwing down the 16 refurbished oil pan bolts.  Let’s hope we don’t have to go back in there again soon.  When I get a few extra hands and I’ve adjusted the engine table, the engine can then be flipped, so that I can work on getting the head bolted down.  In the meantime I’m refurbishing the 20 head bolts and continue to work on filling those holes in the air intake tube that was shown in the last post.

Man, speaking air intake tubes, I had a nasty respiratory infection last week that really set me back.  I didn’t feel like doing anything but cough, lay around and do cross-word puzzles.  The daily crossword supplied by our local newspaper is the only reason we subscribe anymore.  Well, no, I like three comics too:  Pearls Before Swine, Get Fuzzy and as long as I’m on the page anyway, Dilbert. 

And speaking of the newspaper, and humor, remember that story I related  back in March about the five pigs that fell out of a truck on the local interstate highway (click these words to view the March 31 post).  Well, the celebrity pigs got to stay for a couple of months in a “swanky” animal shelter before recently being auctioned-off to some animal lovers who drove up all the way from Florida and will place them on their animal rescue farm.  Those little porkers brought $3200 at auction, with an amazing $1500 paid for Babe, the “runt of the litter.”  I don’t know about you, but I’d watch out for the “litter of the runt”!  This whole deal just seems to run contrary to logic.  Who pays a premium for the smallest pig?  I’ll bet Jimmy Dean is rollin’ over in his grave right now.  My Mom is down there in Florida.  I’m thinking maybe she should check that place out, you know, just to make sure there isn’t a fragrant aroma of pulled pork wafting out of that animal “rescue.”  Folks around here refer to having eaten some good “cue,” why not resCUE?

Mentioning the cross-word puzzles earlier reminds me.  I’ve decided to wage war on the letter “A.”  It struck me as I was working a puzzle a while back that the cross-bar in the A is superfluous (fancy word only English majors are allowed to use).  It isn’t needed to differentiate it from some other letter, and the cross-bar takes extra time, pencil lead and/or ink.  So, I’ve sworn off using the cross-bar.  All my A’s now look like upside down V’s.  According to one study*, in the US alone, $56 million in ink could be saved by simply removing the cross-bar of the A.  And think about this, do we really need the straight line in the letter “B?”  Bang, there’s another $56 million, and the straight line in the letter “E,” yet another $56 million.

If you think I’m on to something here I’d like to here from you with more suggestions.  If you think this is just stupid, I don’t want to hear about it.  But just imagine, with all the millions we’ll be saving, we could resCUE a whole bunch more pigs.

Thanks for reading.
*That study only exists in the idiotic authors mind.


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