Bull City Radiator

After getting a recommendation from the machine shop over in Durham, I headed out Friday afternoon to drop-off the Pony’s radiator at Bull City Radiator.  Although it has a Durham address, the shop is really out in the boonies a bit west of Durham.

When I arrived I popped the trunk, grabbed the radiator and as I headed in the door with it out came Oscar, poor guy, really sweating in the heat, but smiling and saying in heavily accented English, “Ahhh, tractor radiator.  What’s it doing?”  I told him then that it hadn’t been doing anything for over 20 years.  He took the radiator from me, removed the cap, handed it back to me and waved me into the office.

In the office, the manager, Corkey said, “What’s it doing,” where upon I gave the same response I gave Oscar.  “Is it leaking?” he asked.  Again, I said I didn’t know, as I’d never seen it run.  “Oscar, is it leaking?” he asked again, and Oscar immediately answers, “Yeah, it’s leaking.”  Thanks a lot, Oscar, for that vote of confidence.  Of course, I would be shocked if it wasn’t leaking.  Everything else on the Pony leaks, so why not the radiator. 

They’re going to flush it out and test it probably Monday, and get back to me. 

I got home and the Princess asked how it went.  I told her there was no way of knowing until they looked into it next week.  She then inquired as to whether this was going to be another “big-ticket” item whereupon a bit of a verbal skirmish ensued.  I said, “You know, the fact that I’ve now spent $1000 on the Pony is only obvious, because I invented the Cost-O-Meter.  I track the cost there, because I thought it would be of interest to readers of the blog.  If we ran  C-O-M’s on other things around here, we’d be wringin’ our hands over a few other categories too.  What about that extravagant “salad spinner” you bought?”  Well, boy, that stopped her I tell ya.  Well, it didn’t really, but eventually she eased up on me for the time being. 

Meanwhile, I just have to chuckle; before dinner sometimes I can hear that stupid salad spinner whirring around for 10 minutes or more.  And when I come into the room she just swears that that thing is the greatest invention on the planet.  I’ll tell you this, its way ahead of the C-O-M, which doesn’t dry lettuce and just pisses her off!

Before I sign-off, I just thought you’d appreciate these little images off of Bull City’s business card.

Any guesses as to which one of these little guys is the Pony radiator?

Have a good weekend, and thanks for reading.


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