The Pony goes YouTubing

In the never-ending quest to bring readers of That Idiotic Tractor bold, new, cutting edge experiences, this post will take you for the first time into the fabulous world of PonyVideo.  I have been working on various components of the Pony’s clutch mechanism for the last few days.  Dr. Fullofit and I were trying to decide whether the Pony’s clutch throw-out bearing is still good, or might need to be…well…thrown out.  We decided there was nothing to lose by trying a little test.

First I soaked the entire bearing mechanism in solvent for a couple of days.  After removing it from the solvent, I thoroughly cleaned it, finishing with a good buffing with a power wire brush.  With the mechanism clean and dry, I set up the test.  Just click on the image below to watch the Pony’s first YouTube Video.

I know the test was very technical, but I think you can probably grasp that it spins around just fine, thus confirming that the ball bearings inside are “ok.”  Now, for my next trick…I’ll be attempting to get grease inside this “sealed” bearing.  Anyone with suggestions on that, please send an email or leave a comment.  Dr. F, don’t be bashful!

In this post the hits just keep on coming.  With the engine back in the garage, it was time for head torque-down redux.  I am incredibly happy to report that the machine shop’s new heli-coil in the block held fine and all 20 head bolts are now torqued-down to the spec 40 foot pounds.  Here’s a shot of the happy couple.

A lot of stuff is tightened-down under the head bolts, so with the torque-down the oil cleaner, oil filter and spark plug wire guide were all attached.  Now the real fun got going, as I began hangin more stuff on the engine just like a Christmas tree.  Next was the hydraulic pump.  After bolting it on, I sealed up the hydraulic fluid tank, and here’s a shot (courtesy of The Princess) of that process.

Next came the manifold.  One of the items that’s already in the Cost-O-Meter is the new manifold bought to replace the nasty one Gene and I took off the engine.  So, with that in the Pony’s parts warehouse it was easy to grab as the next ornament on the tree.  The next picture shows the new manifold, along with a nice new set of Champion spark plugs.

I know I’m kind of begging praise here, but isn’t that sharp lookin?

The last thing I did before taking a time-out to direct my first video was to attach the generator and fan belt to the engine.  After a trip to the local NAPA store for hardware, I was ready for the install.  Here’s a couple of shots of the end result.

This really looks great, but let me show you just how great.  I was going through some old shots of the Pony that were taken before we hauled him out to the woods.  Take a look at this oldie but goodie.

For those of you who’ve been frustrated with my lack of progress, I hope you’ve seen in this post some cause for hope that this project is getting somewhere.  I know it’s boosted my spirits.

The Princess just walked in the room and asked, “Aren’t you going to tell them how the trip to the Social Security Office went.  Before we even got to the office I had said, “Oh boy, this is going to be good blog material.”  I can’t tell you how disappointed I am.  We had an appointment, we were seen promptly, we got a very understanding young lady who accepted our word (along with our church marriage certificate) that we were married, and we walked out of there in a half hour total with The Princess all signed-up for Medicare.  That kind of understanding and efficiency just doesn’t make for interesting reading, but hey sometimes you just gotta accept the good with the bad.

Speaking of the good with the bad, even while the Pony and the Princess are locked in negotiations over the C-O-M ceiling, I’ve snuck a few more charges in there.  I think by the time they reach agreement (if ever), Gene and I will have finished the Pony and moved on to our next project.  Gene, I really like old Ford tractors, what do you think?

I just LOVE this project.  Thank you all for reading and now viewing too!


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