Song of the Finger Lakes

Old friends on the back porch, 
another one remembered.
Familiar faces, warm smiles, and swagger.
Another year’s past, 
But we are back
facing down advancing years
To ride the road,
and prove we’re not old.

Sun and clouds, then rain,
Hail, wet shorts, some pain.
Climbing, straining,
Legs churning,
Then plunging down to do it
All over again.
The little picture in the bigger one
Worth it, just for the fun.

Around the table
late in the day
Stories recount the
Rides, and scraped hides,
The lives and wives
Of old guys looking back.
Next year, a rendezvous?
What would Henry do?

Come off it, Blogman; it was just a bike ride.  That I admit, but it was a terrific week, and it was and will always be a memorial ride to our departed riding friend, Henry. 

I’ll tell you, if I saw one tractor up in NY, I saw a thousand, and that’s not an exaggeration.  Check these out.

Now in that second picture I’ve got the two seats numbered 1 and 2.  Which one would you rather ride 70-plus miles on?  Unfortunately, I was on No. 2 for everything except this picture.  We rode 350 miles in 5 days, two of them in the rain.  The last day was over 80 miles, in my case 87, and the last two miles were up hill at a steady grade of between 10 and 12%.  Aye, carumba!  One last photo, here are the old farts on the first day in fancy, new jerseys before the smiles faded to grimaces.

Before I left for the trip, there was some time for a little tractor work.  I’m getting close to installing Dr. Fullofit’s carb, so I thought I’d better bring it up to Massey-Ferguson standards by applying a top coat of M-F red paint over Dr. F’s Rustoleum.  The Princess got a shot of me painting, and then I took one of the finished product next to the engine.

While I was out galavantin last week, Dr. F sent me some gasket material, so this week I’ll be making gaskets and oil seals…ahhh…more baby steps. 

There’s been some other positive movement too.  Remember in the last post how I talked about instituting a new campaign to soften The Princess up on the Cost-O-Meter ceiling?  Well, actually there were two plans going.  One involved buying Power Ball tickets for that $229 million jackpot last week.  Unfortunately, some sod-buster from Minnesota stole it from me, so I was forced to rely on the plan outlined earlier that essentially involves good ol fashioned “payola.”  Here’s a shot of me during the Finger Lakes trip instituting the new plan.

She opened one present last night and one today…all smiles.  I asked, “So how’s the new plan working?”  And she said, “Pretty good…so far.”  Boy, she’s tough!
Hope y’all had some vacation this summer too.  Thanks for waiting through mine and as always, thanks for reading.


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