Life Imitates That Idiotic Tractor

One of my faithful readers, George S, left an interesting comment to my last post that I thought worthy of a separate post.  I had mentioned that the Ford Model 8N tractor came stock with a 4 cylinder engine.  George pointed out that during the war the airforce actually ordered a number of these tractors with V8 engines for towing airplanes around.  This is so great, because first it proves once again that there’s an exception to every rule.  But second, and more importantly, it is life imitating fiction.  Remember my post where I did the little story about the military enlisting farm tractors?  This story had its genesis in the letters I found (R A T) stamped on a part inside the distributor,  which I said stood for “rapid attack tractor.”  If you don’t remember the post, or if you haven’t read it before, just click on the words underlined directly above.

By the way, for those who asked for an update on Irene, this morning the wind is kicking up and there is some light rain, but as hurricanes go, at least here in the Piedmont, I think even the Pony could whup er!
Here’s a little bonus for you.
I’m tellin’ ya, chicks can sell anything!
Of course, thanks for reading, but thanks for your comments too!


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