Getting Closer

I say, “When you’ve got tractor news and good art on top of that, then lead with it.”  So here it is.  I spent a productive afternoon out working on the Pony one day this week.  I hooked-up a couple of oil lines, one leading into the oil filter from the engine and the other leading out of the oil filter and back into the engine.  One of the lines had a bad crimp in it that would very likely have restricted oil flow, so I bought some brake line at the NAPA store to replace the crimped line.  I hack-sawed the line to the proper length, but then needed to flare the cut end so that it would make a leak-proof fit inside the coupler.  Here’s a photo of me using the tool (naturally Gene had one) that flared the end.

In this next shot I’m tightening one of the couplers onto the oil filter.

The next challenge was the gas tank.  It’s taken me literally months to get the gas tank ready to go.  I had it dipped in caustic soda over at the machine shop.  I whirled chain around in it over many weeks to wear away as much corrosion as I could, and then I put a double coat of epoxy liner inside the tank.  The outside was primed and then finished with 3 coats of Pony red.  I only have it preliminarily fastened to the Pony, but I just had to include a couple of photos, so here you go. 

Looking pretty cool, eh?  Oh, and I also finished the clutch rod and attached it.

Gene and I fiddled with the governor a bit too, and we’re both thinking there may be a problem, in that there doesn’t seem to be enough play in it.  We’re going to move ahead toward an engine start though, and readdress the governor later. 

Today, Sunday, I spent a few more hours out at Gene’s.  I got the refurbished sediment bowl (gas filter) attached to the gas tank and reinstalled the fuel line.  Here’s a good shot of that.

I’ve drawn an arrow showing how the fuel will flow from the tank to the, what the heck, there’s that damn rabbit again!  He’s actually circling the fuel inlet in the carburetor.

It took a bit of clever work by Gene and my good eye, but we were able to locate top dead center today, so that we could correctly install the distributor and attach the spark plug wires.  Finally, here’s a shot of the Pony with his new $66 battery (yeah, it’s in the C.O.M.).

All in all its been a pretty dang good week for the Pony.  I guess you could say he’s got a lot to be thankful for this year as another Thanksgiving approaches.

Speaking of Thanksgiving, I saw the funniest thing.  A group of maybe 8 or 10 wild turkeys were “grazing” in a horse corral, you know, the kind where horses do jumping?  What, did they think, hunters wouldn’t recognize them?  They weren’t actually doing the jumps when I went by, but then I was on the bike, and they could tell I didn’t have a gun.

I saw a full page ad in the Wall Street Journal this week for PETA.  Paul McCartney was quoted in the ad, and he apparently hasn’t eaten any meat in years.  Jeez, what do vegans do on Thanksgiving anyway?  Well, wait a minute; I guess they’ve just got more room for pumpkin pie.  Here at the castle, the Princess has declared a “turkey amnesty,” so we’ll be having a rib roast instead(sorry cows).  I say thanks every week for you folks who keep track of the Pony, The Princess and me by reading my blog.  But this being my last post before T-Day, I want to wish you all the best and hope that you feel as lucky as we do.  

Hold family dear, friends close and say thanks for all that is good.  And, hey, thanks for reading.


One response to “Getting Closer

  1. Billy Vollenweider

    Great photos. I love the second shot of the gas tank that shows the contrast between the old pony and the new bright red pony.

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