The Pony Endorses Vernon Supreme for President

The Pony is an avid reader of the Wall Street Journal, so you can probably guess his political orientation.  This, of course, only in the outside world, as there are no political parties in That Idiotic Tractorland.  Thus, he was startled this week when he came across an article in the WSJ which informed of a Democrat running in the New Hampshire primary whose platform includes the promise of a pony for every American.  Nevermind that this gentleman, Vernon Supreme, also includes “zombie preparedness and mandatory tooth brushing” in his platform.  My Pony doesn’t care, Democrat or whatever, this candidate (as long he lasts) has his endorsement.  For those of you thinking that the Pony made up this Vernon guy, below is the portion of the WSJ article that he read.

The Pony’s been a bit out of sorts lately following “the day of big leaks,” so I thought it might buck him up to give him his Christmas present early.  This week I gave him a brand new muffler, ostensibly so his engine will run quietly on start-up (I hope, I hope), but really more so I can shut him up when he’s bothering me.  He was none the wiser though and loved the gift, as you can see below.

This gift kind of reminds me of those Christmases during my youth when my brothers and I unwrapped beautifully wrapped packages of new underpants.  Thanks Mom, Thanks Dad!  I guess the Pony too could have used some underpants, or better a diaper, on his day of big leaks.

After consulting my many advisors including those on the tractor forum, and Robert in the machine shop, it was decided that a big part of my problem was that coolant was leaking out of the “water jacket” in the engine and coming up around the head bolts.  Sure, I missed a step or two along the way that might have prevented the problem, but regardless, now we’re in leak reduction mode.  Robert recommended drying-out all the head bolt holes and then applying aviation gasket sealer to the threads in the holes and on the bolts.  This is being done one bolt at a time (very tedious) in hopes of maintaining whatever seal I do have remaining between the head and the block.  Here I am reinserting one of the head bolts.

I’ve got 14 of the 20 bolts done now.  Access to some of the remaining bolts is blocked by the hydraulic fluid tank, so, dang it, I’m going to have to do some dismantling in order to get at them, “one step forward, two steps back!”

Thank goodness there is non-Pony-related stuff in my life.  The Princess and I went to a matinée performance of the Nutcracker last weekend.  We like going to the matinée, so that we can watch the little kids ooh and aah.  It was really fun, but while there I witnessed one of my pet peeves.  At the beginning of the performance, over the PA system there was an announcement stating that all electronic devices must be shut off, both for the safety of the performers and the enjoyment of the show.  Still, just two rows in front of us there were two sets of parents, not their kids, with iPhones/cameras cranked-up, constantly fiddling with them, rude, rude, rude…

After the show we had about 45 minutes to kill before the restaurant opened for dinner, so we browsed Chapel Hill’s downtown shops, the used-book store, even wandered into a beauty salon, Moshi Moshi.  Later, after we sat down to eat, The Princess commented about the “productive” she’d had.  I said, “What are you talking about, all we did was go to the Nutcracker.”  She said, “Are you kidding, I found a new beauty shop.”  Oh boy, stay tuned for the next chapter of that story.

Under the category “You’ve got to be kidding,” The Princess found me something today.  I woke-up with a sinus headache, but with some minor surgery scheduled for Monday I couldn’t take aspirin, my favorite remedy.  I wondered aloud whether there was a homeopathic remedy that might work.  Well, in “two shakes” she had the People’s Pharmacy book out and was reading aloud to me.  I’m telling you, before she even finished reading the whole thing we were laughing out loud.  Here it is:

*  “Take a piece of brown paper (cut from a shopping bag).  Cut the strip long
long enough to cover your forehead.
*  Saturate the brown paper in cider vinegar, squeezing out the excess.
*  Place the brown paper on your forehead and cover with a nylon stocking (
This is approximately where we both started laughing).  Pull it snug and tie in the back of your head.”
*  Drive to your local bank, and at the drive through window hand them a bag and ask that it be filled with cash.
*  The enormous amount of activity that ensues will make you forget you have a headache.
I’m actually pretty sure that remedy will work, but if it doesn’t they have another one, which involves Siberian Ginseng.  Gee, wonder if you actually have to go to Siberia.  After seeing a recent article about the state of Russian aviation, I understand this one…your headache will end when the plane goes down.

Being the Christmas Season and all, the Pony is hard at work on his second annual Christmas letter.  I’ve got no editorial control over that, so I’m sure it will be “interesting.”  Until then, if you would like to enjoy a couple of holiday- related posts, I’ve put links to them below.  You’ll probably want to read these aloud to your kids, pets and anyone with a headache as you listen to Christmas music around the tree.
Thanksgiving 1958

The Pony’s 2010 Christmas Letter

Maggie Simpson, Parts Detective
(After viewing, just push your browser’s “back button” to return to the current post.)

Please, get out there and shop for those Christmas presents (you know, boost the economy and “ho, ho, ho”), and the Pony reminds you not to leave him off your list.  Me?  Your continued interest in the Pony and his shenanigans, that’s my present.  Thanks for reading.


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