Day 553

A week’s gone by since the last post.  People start to wonder, did he finally lose the battle with the microwave?  Is the new bed so comfortable he just decided not to get up again?  Maybe he’s invented a new “morning 40,” instead of 40 miles, 40 years like Rip van Winkle.  Or, after trying to shock the Pony to life one too many times, perhaps it reared up and kicked him.  Maybe a new infestation of something (vampires?) took over his body.  Don’t worry, none of that stuff happened.

Fact is, it’s been a slow news week on all fronts…until today.  Today was pretty special.  It was 553 days ago that the tow truck driver followed me deep into the woods, winched the Pony up on his flat-bed and headed out to Gene’s.  You all have followed the story, but I’m not sure if I’ve recounted that in the last month, there have been three attempts at starting the Pony’s engine.  Each time, I’d set up the camera on a tri-pod, start recording and then run around behind the engine and push the starter button.  Each time we cranked the starter until it got hot, but the engine just would not pop.

Not meaning any disrespect to people who suffer true depression, but I told The Princess after the last failed engine start that I no longer felt quite so depressed as I had after the earlier failed attempts.  I guess it shows that you can get used to anything, even feeling bad.  Now THAT’S depressing.  Anyway, we really were running out of ideas, when Doc Fullofit suggested, that we squeeze some motor oil in the spark plug holes over the top of the pistons and follow that with four teaspoons of gas.  Well, that sounded a little scary, and  reminiscent of that old “Fire in the Hole” recommendation we got way back when, when we were trying to free-up frozen pistons.  Doc felt that the oil might improve compression (which had been low) and that the gas might “prime the pump” so to speak, as it seemed we were having trouble getting gas up into the firing chambers.

So this morning Gene squirted in the oil with a syringe, and then this afternoon I went out and we poured gas in the four spark plug holes.  No tripod, no camera, but I’ll tell you what, I checked for the fire extinguisher for sure before this engine start.  I won’t drag this out anymore, so just click on the YouTube video link that follows.

Woo hoooooo!  You saw it, and you heard it folks.  It not only ran, but at ran pretty smoothly.  On the video, you may have seen me point to the radiator and comment that we needed to put water in the radiator.  So we shut off the engine, filled the radiator with coolant and put more gas in the gas tank.  Of course, then we couldn’t get the dang thing to start again.  But, hey, now we know it does run, hope is alive, and I’m happy, happy, happy!

Thanks for sticking with me for the past 553 days everyone, and thanks for reading.  CONGRATULATIONS PONY!


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