Twelve Hours of Happiness

I received the missive below from that “crackpot” Dr. Fullofit shortly after the last post went out.

He’s a pip isn’t he?  I would have just thought Doc was having a little fun and moved on, but then I heard from Doc’s alter ego, Dr. Gloom and Doom.

Gene and I were so happy.  A year and a half of hard work and after the three tries the old Pony started.  What a thrill, right?

Then the emails started coming in from Dr. Doom saying he thinks we ran the engine too long before putting water in it.  Thinks we may actually have cracked the head.  Says when he saw the video of us running the engine he kept yelling at the computer, “shut it off, shut it off!”  Says he was so upset he woke up thinking about the engine at 2:30 in the morning.  Jeez Doc, lighten-up,  I don’t even think much about it a 2:30 in the afternoon.  He actually has ME worried now.  I emailed back, “Can’t you even let me have 24 hours of happiness?”

Could Gene and I have worked a year and a half , got the engine to run for 2 minutes and then killed it?  Well, yes, but we don’t think so.  Tomorrow we’re going to go prime the engine with oil and gas, say a little prayer and smoke up Gene’s garage again.  You just watch.  Everything is going to be just fine, hope, hope, hope.

Every post ought to have a picture.  I took the shot below with my phone.

This old log cabin showed up on the “morning 40” last fall after the leaves fell off the trees.  I prowled around it a bit this spring, found nothing, but did wonder, who planted those daffodils and when?  Did she think they’d be blooming for me?

Please everyone, I’m serious, think good thoughts about the Pony tomorrow, maybe even send him a good luck comment to the blog.  But don’t lose any sleep tonight, and thanks for reading.


2 responses to “Twelve Hours of Happiness

  1. Where is that log cabin? Is it on property that is for sale?

    Exciting news on the pony. I hope you had some water in the radiator. You did, did you not? You have to let us know as soon as possible if it is ok.

    • That log cabin is one of quite a few around here. This one is on some land that was recently logged, so my opinion, they’ve ruined it. Just 200 yards from this cabin though is a beautiful, old church that dates to 1822.

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