Only in North Carolina

This first item is just for you out-of-state folks who don’t get to experience the regular  joy we “tar heels” do from observing our state’s political process unfold and our politicians perform. 

You always knew, and I don’t care what political party we’re talking about, that the  politicians are in bed with the lobbyists.  But here in North Carolina our politicians truly believe in the concept… and practice it, literally.  Last week when our local paper’s “crack” investigative reporting staff presented evidence to the NC House Speaker, Tom Tillis, that his Chief of Staff was having an affair with a lobbyist, it resulted in the Chief’s resignation.  Pretty embarrassing, eh?  Maybe, but that was only news until this week when another of Tillis’s staffers resigned after admitting she also had “an inappropriate romantic relationship with a lobbyist.  Sheesh!

Don’t worry about Speaker Tillis though; he says he didn’t know  about his Chief of Staff’s affair, this even though the two men share an apartment in Raleigh.  Yeah, I believe him.  The really great thing was the excuse given for this behavior by the female staffer.  Her excuse was that essentially this kind of thing is bound to happen when people move between the legislative community and the lobbying community, so it should be no surprise that “friendships” arise.  I’m sorry, is that the excuse, or the problem?  I suppose both.  This is exactly what makes me so glad that there are no politics in ThatIdioticTractorLand.

Tractor News
During the last week I’ve been busy with the sander and the wire brush cleaning up pieces of the steering and braking systems.  The Princess and I even took a trip over to Durham in search of a machine shop that could get some of the brake parts unfrozen.  Took a while, but we found one, and word is that in a couple of weeks I might get the parts back.  We’ll see.

Moving on, I just thought I’d share this drawing.

That’s the schematic that an endocrinologist used yesterday to explain how the parathyroid glands work.  I said Jeez Doc, what kind of grade did you get in that Medical Art class anyway?  I’m thinking though that I missed a bet by not having him sign this.  It does have a certain cryptic flow to it, and by golly the cost of that appointment certainly made me feel like I had bought a piece of art.

I’ve written before about our blue birds.  We’ve got a blue bird house on one of the posts that holds up our deck.  Each year several batches of chicks fledge from that house, and the first batch the season fledged about 3 weeks ago.  We were actually lucky enough to be watching what we call “blue bird TV” through the window when all four of the little buggers made their first flights from the house.  One little guy left the house about half a day later than the rest, but the parents kept track of him and kept feeding him until he too “flew the coop.”  This has always been the last we see of the chicks (at least to our knowledge).  This time, however, one of the birds has stayed behind, I’m thinking perhaps that guy who got the late start.  We’ve watched as he’s grown bigger and his pretty blue feathers have come in.  Unfortunately, we now suspect that this bird has something like “separation anxiety,” or perhaps he has been shunned, because all he seems to want to do is hang around his former home, sit on cactus, cling to our window screens peering at himself (and us) and tweet the most mournful little blue bird tweets…all day long.

We need some help dealing with this little guy.  Should we institute some kind of “tough love” plan to chase him?  I was thinking of perhaps hanging red Christmas ribbon on the windows to frighten him off.  This morning though I saw him over hanging on to one of the neighbor’s townhouse windows.  Then too, I don’t want to keep other blue birds from returning to the house to get it ready for the next brood.  Help!   Anyone know a good “bird shrink?”  Can’t you see him on the little couch.  “I don’t know doc, I just feel so…well…”blue.”

To my Mom and all you other moms (including The Princess Mom) Happy Mothers Day!  Thanks for reading.


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