Well, You Can Take it Home and Pray on it…

but it won’t make no difference.  That comment made by a young lady at a machine shop really hit my funny bone, but oh man, those are words you don’t want to here about your tractor.  Actually though, this was a case that just seemed to work out great, like it was meant to be.  I took two matching break parts to the shop, because the parts were rusted together and wouldn’t come apart.  Well, they threw them in the caustic soda bath, then soaked em in oil and, voila, everything freed up on one of them.  Meanwhile I was busy on the internet and found one good used part for $18.  Remind me to adjust the cost-o-meter.  So, between the part I got and the part they fixed, I’m all set.  What I was still missing, was a woodruff key for the part I bought, and when I said well, maybe I can take the one home they couldn’t free up, bang it apart, and salvage the woodruff key, that’s when she said to start praying, but also recommended a hardware store for the key. 

So, I’m progressing on the brakes, and in between trips to the machine shop, I’m rehabbing parts of the steering system.  I’ve now also left the steering column in the shop’s care.  The steering wheel, with the help of 25 years of corrosion has fused itself the column.  Hopefully some magic will be worked on that, because try as we might, Gene and I simply could not get it apart.  Here’s a “before and after” on some steering rods.

Returning to some old business.  First, Mayo Clinic got around to sending me its bill for my physical exam.  I was kind of concerned about this, because I went into the whole thing without much of an idea (hell, no idea) about what it would cost.  Then about a week before I left for Minnesota I mentioned to a doctor at UNC Hospital that I was going to Mayo for a physical.  He said, “What  do you want to go there for and pay them $8000 for something you can have done right here?”  This guy was a jerk, and actually gave me a bogus diagnosis, but nevertheless what he said got me wondering.  Well, my share of the tab after insurance:  $223, so there’s one more reason to love Mayo. 

The second item.  Remember the NC state house staffers that resigned their positions after being caught having romantic liaisons with lobbyists?  We mere citizens found out via this week’s newspaper that, because their boss, the House Speaker, felt sorry for them he sent them each off with a month’s pay.  So nice of him to reward his employee’s “hanky panky” with taxpayer money to the tune of almost $20,000!  My goodness, what will next week’s revelation be?  Oo, oo, I know; the two will form a consulting firm and be granted a state contract to do the same thing they’ve been doing all along…nothing…well ok, there was the hanky panky.  Remember, you heard it here first.

The Idiotic Brother is back from his annual cactus seed expedition to Africa.  That sounds bogus to me.  I’ll bet he goes back each year to deposit cash in a secret, numbered bank account.  He did bring this lovely photo back though.

Very nice!

Have a great week everyone, and thanks for reading.


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