I’ve Got a Scoop!

The Princess and I were in New York city (again) last week.  Being there is always an “other worldly” experience, but on this trip we actually did see another world from there.  Along with Andy, on Tuesday we went up onto High Line Park to see if we could view Venus transit of the sun.  Andy had heard that a viewing station would be set up on the High Line, so even though it was mostly cloudy, we headed up there to check it out.  We got lucky, and a brief, small break in the clouds brought the sun out, and sure enough we and a couple dozen others got to see Venus precariously silhouetted in front of the sun.  I’m including a link below to view my YouTube video of the event.  In person we had a much better look, but if you enlarge the image when the video comes up, you might just catch a look at the small dark “dot” on the left side of the sun.  You’ll see the Princess and Andy in the crowd grinning at the success of the viewing.  Now, if you want to see a really fancy video of the Venus transit, while you’re at the YouTube site, check out the NASA video, spectacular!

Please click the following link:  Venus from High Line

To me it was amazing that a bunch of hardened New Yorkers could get such obvious joy from such a small thing that didn’t cost them a dime.  Speaking of dimes, I always keep my eyes open in New York, because people just throw money around there.  Even though we were spending money each day like drunken sailors, its funny how happy it made me to bring home $1.15 that city folks just left lying on the ground.  Maybe I’ll waste that on a lottery ticket this week.

Hey folks, I’m still plugging away on the Pony.  Here’s a nice “before and after” on the section that the steering column sticks up through and which hides access to the little tool box and the battery below that.

I thought the decal there was worth saving even though I can buy new ones.  So as I rehabbed these parts I kept that covered with “painters tape.” Then when I was done with priming and two coats of Pony red, I put a few coats of clear coat over everything to protect the decal.  By the way, over the months I’ve managed to buy-out Tractor Supply’s entire stock of Massey Ferguson red paint, so I’ve placed a special order with them to ship more.  Paint cost is “killing” the Cost-O-Meter.  Oh, that other gizmo in the “after” photo is the steering shaft including the “worm gear.”  And, I found another use for the Pony’s battery cover.  Check this shot out of my Camry with its new hood scoop.

I got nothing else right now, so I’m going to send this out.  
I’ll get back to you all soon, but in the meantime, thanks for watching and reading.


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