Justice John Roberts taken into Custody

When our son, Andy, was 5 or 6 years old, he and a friend played the same game incessantly for months on end.  They would pretend that they were FBI agents and acted out numerous plots to try to find and capture the ever elusive John Roberts.  Don’t ask me how they came up with that name, but even back then The Princess and I found the whole business amusing.  As far as I know, back then in the late 70’s John Roberts was never apprehended.  It took  elevation to the Supreme Court to finally bring this heinous criminal onto the FBI’s radar screen. 

Yesterday, just after the Supreme Court’s ruling on the Health Care Act, Roberts was captured.  He was taken into custody by the two 37-year-old agents that had sought him for most of their lives.  Folks might argue about the length of the hunt and the belated capture, and there will be heated debate over whether further crimes were committed while on the bench, and which of his votes would be considered crimes.  And for years to come there will be discussion over whether Roberts final ruling might have been some kind of “deal,” made for reasons we’ll never no.  I just say, Blair and Andy, your “nutso” dedication and persistence paid off, “Good job men!”

The Princess is a big one for home remedies and is always relating to me crazy stuff she reads that will cure what ails ya without the need for actual medical care.  I had to laugh last week though when she tried one that supposedly cures night, leg cramps.  She had read that if you put a bar of soap under the bed sheets, voila, like magic no leg cramps.  So one day last week she tried it.  I asked her in the morning, “So how’d that work out for you?”  “Well,” she said, “I didn’t have any leg cramps, but I kept rolling over on the bar all night and waking up!”

I’m sending this short post out a little early while that news on John Roberts is fresh, but just to show you I’m working:

That’s the left front wheel and tire after a lot of time with the wire brush attachment on the drill and the medium sandpaper disks on the sander, plus a coat of primer.  There’s some significant cracking in the rubber, but the tire is holding together just fine at 30 psi.  Whether new tires ever find their way onto the Pony, depends on how long I retain possession.  For now though these tires have lots of tread and will do just fine.

Try to stay cool and have a nice weekend everyone.  Thanks for reading.


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