Hope “Springs” Eternal

In the last two weeks, storms have knocked our power out 3 times.  The last two times it happened near dinner, so we got to go out for dinner.  Last night’s outage brought big trees down in our little development and around town, so we were without power until after midnight.  We went out to dinner again, but this time we really scored, because it was “free cake night” at the restaurant, kind of the frosted nugget within the silver lining.  We stopped on the way home for coffee, and by candlelight enjoyed our treat.

The California trip was fun.  I rode with the usual group of old geezers, I believe at 65 I’m one of the youngest, and the rest range from my age up to 73.  We spent a good amount of time riding the Pacific Coast Highway (Rte 1).  Here’s a little evidence of that.

I’m wearing three layers there by the way, as each day along the coast, the day started out right around 50 degrees.  After six days of riding (over 300 mi) the tour company dropped me off at the idiotic brother’s place in Livermore, CA for a four-day visit.  I hadn’t seen Jim or his wife Minnie in 5 years, and I hadn’t been out to visit them in Livermore in probably 10 years.  My assessment, he’s not quite as idiotic as he used to be.  I’ll bet we went to the Safeway store 6 times, and he didn’t break open a single bag of candy.  And he’s been putting in long hours for the last 4 years on behalf of the Livermore Heritage Guild restoring a 1920 Seagrave fire engine.  That project is now complete, and I was able to enjoy the fruits of his (and other team members)labor.

The photo above was taken during a ride around downtown Livermore.  I even got to crank the siren.  For the record, the engine hood is complete too,  but was not on the truck for my ride.

Pony Progress?
Just a little.  I finished up the brake housing covers yesterday.  I had to fashion some wooden parts to replace some homemade pieces that fit inside the covers.  They don’t appear in any parts manual, but I figured if they were in there before I’ll put them in too.  Here’s what they look like.

After seeing the fabulous paint work done by Doc Fullofit and the exquisite woodwork done by Doc Deadrick out in California, well, I know I open myself up to criticism.  Please remember, I’m on a fool’s mission and it’s just the Pony.  By the way, that’s not an orange peel finish, that’s a mirror finish on a corroded piece of metal.

I’ve also been working the phones on the Pony’s behalf.  I’ve been trying real hard to find some new brake springs.  Here’s what the Pony’s look like.

I thought with that much corrosion I’d better replace them.  I tried Maggie Simpson, Parts Detective, at Kuhn’s, but she couldn’t find any.  I tried the guys in the Tractor Forum, and through them I got a suggestion that I try Kessel’s Massey Parts, but Terry didn’t have any either.  I tried to just get springs, not necessarily M-H springs from McMaster Carr, but they had nothing close.  Then this morning I had a thought.  Why not try Carolina Tractor, the outfit that miraculously came up with that vintage piece for the shifter some months back.  My heart sank again when the lady there said they didn’t have any.  But (flicker of hope) she checked what she called “The Parts Locator System” and noted that a tractor outfit in Lincoln, Nebraska had some and gave me a phone number.  I called the place in Lincoln, and they said that I’d have to call a related operation in Wichita.  In Wichita I got a guy named Frank, who said he’d have to check and would call me back.  He called back about and hour ago and sure enough Frank said he had three springs left, and they were $2.50 each.  They’re on their way here as I type this.  Woo hoo!

Poor Gene, he got caught out in that last big storm and ran into a fallen tree that went across the entire road.  He didn’t admit to any injuries, but his  Jaguar took a bit of a beating.  Here’s a picture Gene sent me.

As you see he’s parking that mess next to the Pony, and I’ll tell you, compared to that, the Pony’s looking pretty good!

Notice how you get lots of photos when “I got nuttin ta say?”  Well under the theory that a picture’s worth a thousand words here’s one more to close with.

That’s the idiotic brother with his restored Model A outside the restored Garage that houses the restored Seagrave.  The idiotic brother has not been restored.
Thanks for reading.


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