Meet Poodie

Decades before Jerry McGuire “shop-lifted the Poodie” in the movie “Jerry McGuire, we owned the Poodie.  Our son Andy had a floating, rubber tub toy that we named Poodie.  When he outgrew the Poodster, let’s see, he’s 38 now, so 5 years ago, The  Princess and I inherited him.  Since he has great sentimental value we decided we needed to keep him and display him.  His place of honor is on one of the night stands in the master bedroom.  Gradually Poodie’s display area has morphed into a shrine of sorts.  We decided some years ago that Poodie should be revered, praised and feared somewhat like a god. 

All found money (not too many pennies, he doesn’t like ’em) and all small trinkets and oddities I find while biking are brought to Poodie.  The money goes into his vintage dresser bank that has a trick money drawer.  That dresser has already filled up once, so we’ve had to expand the shrine to include a jam jar to hold overflow money.  Poodie had a great week.  On the bike, I found a quarter laying in the middle of the road, and another quarter from under the seat cushion of a dentist’s office chair.  I was so close to what felt like a dime at another dentist’s office (God bless The Princess’s lousy teeth), but even with my arm down under the cushion, man I was in there up to my elbow, the little bugger just kept pushing further into the chair.  I had to give it up when another patient came in the door and spotted me in my contorted position.  I tried to be nonchalant as I gradually eased my arm out of the crease and pretended to look at my iPad.  Anyway, banner week for Poodie, so I thought I’d take a picture for you, so you can see what a happy god looks like.

Can you imagine trying to sleep with that thing next to the bed.  I’ll say this, “Don’t try shop-lifting that Poodie.”

Tractor  work proceeds apace.  Hmmm, I use that word, “apace,” but perhaps I should look that up.  A few minutes passes.  Ok, looked it up, and since the dictionary says that apace means “rapidly or swiftly” I’d better back off use of that word.  As a matter of fact, as of this month I’ve been working (using that term loosely) on the Pony for exactly two years.  So, alright, the work proceeds slowly, but recent progress includes completion of the second front wheel, spindle axle and hub, plus I’ve primed the right front end.  Here’s a shot taken by Gene Sunday afternoon.

When this section has its coats of “Pony Red,” Gene and I will be able to attach the newly finished wheel, etc.  Then, since all the other steering parts have already been rehabbed, we’ll make some pretty quick progress installing all that.  In between coats of paint, I’m working on the brake drums.  The compartments that house the brakes were full of water, so everything in there was pretty rusty, including the drums. 

That’s a shot of the left brake drum compartment after sanding and wire brushing all of the rust out of there.  I’m working  on the right side now.  A final bit of Pony business.  I got some encouragement last week from my “page-a-day” calendar when this image showed up on the 16th:

One of these days…
Thanks for sticking with me for the last two years and 140 posts to  Have a great week everyone.


One response to “Meet Poodie

  1. Hey Bruce,
    I love the Poodie. My European grandmother drilled in me… pennies make nickels, nickels make dimes, dimes make quarters, etc. I always look for change everywhere I go. Give my best to Cindy. See you soon.

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