Little Dutch Boy

Leaks, leaks, leaks, if something isn’t coming outa one place its coming out of another.  I’m gonna have to get that Pony a giant oil resistant diaper.  But, good news, we got those leaky head bolts fixed.  That was my biggest worry.  Here’s some video just posted to YOUTUBE.  The camera work was supplied by one of Gene’s son’s, Allen.  You may have heard me say over the engine noise that I found a new leak coming from the oil filter canister.  Then too, my newly assembled and filled steering box has a slow leak, poop!  No, no, no, just oil.  Pretty soon we’re going to have to get our own oil well over in the Mid-East.

No more to add right now, but with as confusing as all the Ryder Cup scoring is, I knew you would want to take a break and see this video.  Thanks for watching!


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