Pony Explains Fiscal Cliff

I’ve got to lead off with PONY NEWS.  You may recall that after the Pony failed his first clutch test, Gene and I went to work to see if we could go in, find and fix the problem.  When we got inside, I noticed that the clutch release levers were we off spec in their adjustment.  The problem then was doing the adjustment and coming up with a reliable way to determine when proper adjustment was reached.  I determined that the top of the clutch mechanism  was exactly two inches from the fly-wheel, so we just needed a means of measuring the final 7/32 of an inch to reach the required spec adjustment of 2 7/32 inches.  Gene’s idea was to fashion a piece of scrap aluminum in such a manner that when the levers were raised they’d bump the new tool after 7/32 of an inch.  Here’s a picture of the new tool.

Friend Art came up with a name for the new tool, The in-Gene-yus Clutch Adjustment Tool, in honor of its inventor.  Here’s a photo of the new tool in use.

It was tight quarters, but all we had to do was raise each lever using the adjustment screw you see in the foreground, and then tighten down each lock nut.  We then pushed the engine back in place, replaced bolts, reinstalled the starter, and hooked up fuel, oil and electrical.  We did all the reinstallation yesterday, set up the camera and rolled tape.  Here’s the video.

Kind of funny, but in the video you see that I get up as if to dismount the Pony and the right wheel is still turning.  I did catch myself, but I’d forgotten to disengage the new clutch!  But, I’m just “over the moon” happy!  We’ve got a little more to do, but we’re just a few steps from seeing the Pony move under its own power.  One of those steps was accomplished yet yesterday, me giving the Pony a “grease job.”

We’ve still got to install the throttle and governor rods, so that Gene doesn’t have to run (ok walk) along side the Pony and operate the carb.  Then we need to install new valves in the rear tires, as we’ve lost some pressure.  Outside of those items, I believe we’re good to go.  The next video you see should be pretty exciting.

Aren’t you just about to puke from hearing “fiscal cliff, fiscal cliff, fiscal cliff?  And really, what’s it all about anyway.  Well, who’d a thunk it, but the Pony has the explanation and wants to get some credit for bringing clarity to the issue.  Alright Pony, you have the floor.
“Thanks man, I appreciate this opportunity to explain.  Here’s how I like to think of the fiscal cliff issue.  Imagine that I represent the United States.  My infrastructure was a mess and yet there was no money to bring me back to life.  Not a bad comparison, eh?  Now imagine Bruce comes along, as he did two years ago, and represents a Democratic President of the United States, another good comparison for sure.  He smiles at me in the woods and says, no problem Pony, I’m going to haul you out of the woods, fix you all up and do it all with borrowed money.  I don’t know what borrowed means, but I like the sound of the word money, and the project begins.  Never mind that the Republican congress won’t agree to increase taxes in order to keep me from going into something called debt.   Now this is a stretch I know, but The Princess is the Congress, and she says ‘Pony you’re so far in debt and Bruce just keeps throwing money at you, that I’m not going to approve anything, until Bruce is out of office.’  Well, as it happens, Bruce is reelected, and he sees this as a mandate to keep on spending money on me, and the happy answer for me is THE FISCAL CLIFF.  Now the Fiscal Cliff is represented by The Guinea Pig O Meter.  Just like the big bucks flowing into that meter, tons of tax breaks are due to expire on January 1, at which time increased taxes will begin flowing in and reduce the debt.   Now, there’s just one problem with this analogy.  The Princess is going to be mad as hell when she finds out that I’ve compared her to the Republican Congress, and she’ll divert the GP-O-Meter funds into something frivolous like more expensive hair do’s, or something.  But hey, doesn’t that sound just like Congress?  I rest my case.”

Thanks Pony, you’re a real stitch.  Sure hope you didn’t get us into too much trouble with The Princess.  By the way, I’m going back into the meat locker for the last time this week.  Let’s hope for your sake that I can get that check cashed before both you and I head over THE FISCAL CLIFF!

By the way, the Pony likes to call his explanation: “Cliff Notes.”  Thanks for reading.


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