Readers Demeaned as Unsuffistikated!

Well, for crying out loud, PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) won that case where they were trying to get us North Carolinians to stop dropping a live possum (in a nice, safe, plexiglass box) on New Year’s Eve.  If you want to review the background material on this important issue, you can view my prior post, “Fall, 2012.

“The judge in the case, I think trying to get his own little piece of notoriety out of the matter, compared Americans and possums by quoting Patrick Henry.  Recognizing that it’s ok to shoot a possum, but not cage him up, he clarified the possum situation by saying it’s “Give me liberty, or give me death.”  There’s no in between for the ugly little buggers.  I noticed in the first 3 miles of the morning 40 yesterday, that two of them right away chose the second option and committed suicide in the roadway.  You think they’re ugly, but “road kill” ugly is a whole nuther thing.

Another matter that needs review, the “battle” of the “O-Meter’s.  You’ll see on the home page today that the Guinea Pig-O-Meter has climbed to $2100, while the Cost-O-Meter hovers at $2180.  In that as of Thursday I completed the Ozone Study, I will just miss getting the two meters in sync.  But a valiant effort wouldn’t you say?  The folks over at UNC where the study was conducted asked if they could keep my name and call me with other “opportunities,” and I told them that was fine.  So I’m keeping the GP-O-Meter active, just in case something else comes up.

Next, I need to back-up again and just mention the last post and the Pony’s “Cliff Notes” explaining the fiscal cliff.  First, a number of times now since my last post came out, I’ve heard others using the Pony’s clever (copyrighted) phrase “Cliff Notes” when  discussing the fiscal cliff.  Robbers!  Second, it was suggested to me by someone who shall remain nameless, that my readers are not suffistikated enough to understand the Pony’s explanation.  I hope you all take offense at that.  Just because you all enjoyed the “pooping post” more than just about anything else I’ve done, doesn’t mean you’re unsuffwhatever.  Hell, I know for a fact that there are at least a few Ph.D’s in my reader pool.  Nevermind that, that degree stands for Pile it high and Deep (another poop reference?).  If any of you take particular offense at being put down, send me a comment in your defense.

With all my guinea pig activity this week, I don’t have any real Pony news.  Related, however, is the fact that Gene decided to have his cataracts fixed this week.  Hope I’m not divulging any state secrets there, Gene Boy, but jeez, think if you’d had  your eyes fixed two years ago, we wouldn’t have lost all that stuff on the garage floor and would have saved the hours we spent looking for it.  For now, lay low and focus on recovery.  I’ll worry about our other patient.

And there should be plenty of time for rest and relaxation over the upcoming Thanksgiving weekend.  Wow, I just went back and reviewed old posts, and figured out that this is the Pony’s third Thanksgiving in custody.  As a little reminder of how far we’ve come, following is a short slide show including shots at approximately each Thanksgiving.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

So, Thanksgiving, let’s think about that.  Are there some things in particular that I should be grateful for this year?
*  Well, certainly I’m grateful that in the event times get really tough, here in North Carolina, we can still shoot possums.
*  I’m sure thankful that the election is over.  Man, that was torture, no matter what your political leanings.  By the way, have you noticed that important stuff generally only happens Monday through Friday.  It’s almost as if God said, “On the first five days of the week I’ll do stuff that matters, and on the weekend I’ll give the media a chance to comment on it.”
*  I’m relieved to hear that we’re still up on the cliff and not plummeting into God knows what.  Speaking of plummeting, I had a dream recently where I’m floating in a river, a big one, and approaching a gigantic (think Niagara Falls) water fall.  I’m in a freaking panic, but there’s no stopping me and over I go.  At first I’m incredibly scared and screaming like crazy, but then as the fall progresses I’m able to right myself and kind of surf down on my butt.  It’s an incredible rush and now its fun.  Toward the bottom the angle becomes less steep, I go around a curve, the water slows and I end up floating in calm water at the bottom.  Of course I went straight to the internet on this one.  Holy cow, the consensus view is, ok, here’s an example, “…you will secure your wildest desire.”  But that’s just if you dream of seeing a waterfall.  If you’re actually in the waterfall like I was, then essentially you’re a “nut case,” your feelings are out of control, and they’re getting the better of you.  Tell me something else I already know.
*  I’m real happy I no longer have to hear the word “Frankenstorm” every other minute.  On a serious note though, I am truly grateful that the idiotic son in NYC, even though enduring 5 days of no power or heat, came through that business all right.
*  Ooh, this just in, while on an afternoon walk today The Princess declared that this was going to be another mild winter.  I asked her if I could quote her on that, and she said, “No, I was just talking out my ___.”  So much for not quoting her.  You just can’t trust the press these days.  Anyway, I would be very thankful for another mild winter.
*  I’m real lucky and thankful that when I accidentally turned up an exit ramp a couple of weeks ago, there were no cars coming down the ramp.  Whew!  Don’t tell The Princess about that one!
*  Of course, and this should have been near the top of my list, there’s the Pony’s successful clutch test.  I know this is way out of line, but after figuring that whole thing out, and then actually fixing the problem, I felt for the first time in two years, well, like a mechanic.  I know, “even a blind squirrel occasionally finds a nut.”

I could go on, but to do so would begin to reveal things you shouldn’t know.  I’ll just finish by saying I am truly thankful for health, happiness, friends and family and especially for all of you fine “Friends of the Pony.”  Suffistikated?  I love you just the way you are.  
Hold family dear,
friends close,
and give thanks for all that is good.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone and thanks for reading!



One response to “Readers Demeaned as Unsuffistikated!

  1. Happy Thanksgiving Bruce and Cindy!!! I love Cindy’s answer when you asked if you could quote her. You two crack me up!!!

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