Need Ice?

Did any of you notice that one day last week the newspaper carried two stories about ice at the North Pole?  In the first article, researchers reported that the arctic area lost ice in the past year that equals the size of the United States.  In the second article it was reported that a massive area of ice was located at the north pole of the planet Mercury.  Are you seeing the possibilities here?  We don’t have enough ice; Mercury has plenty, hmmmm.   I say we get some a take-over outfit to do a hostile take-over of Mercury.  We can put Mercury’s cap on Earth’s cap and voila!  No more global warming threat.  We could call the newly formed and somewhat strange-looking planet “Earcury”  The new planetary mash-up would look something like this.Earcury

Ok, maybe not.   How about “Mearth.”

Many months ago I pulled up behind a car that had a bumper sticker that said, “I’d Rather be Driving my Tractor.”  I thought, oooo, I’ve got to have one.  I sent an email to the credit outfit that had its name on the bumper sticker, and a week later received one in the mail.  I waited though before putting it on the car.  I just didn’t feel like I deserved it until the tractor actually ran.  So, yesterday, following the Pony’s first successful outing, I planted that thing on the back of the other red vehicle, our Camry.  Take a look.bumper sticker.1


Now, the Pony being the Pony, you will probably not be surprised that after his big outing he has gone on strike.  At first we could barely get the engine to run, and now it won’t even start.  There was some thought advanced by experts on the Tractor Forum that the problem might be the ignition coil.  I bought a new coil at NAPA and put it on yesterday.  Here’s a photo of me presenting the Pony with his Christmas present.

New Coil.a

I guess the Pony wasn’t impressed with the present.  Gene and I tried a start-up with the new coil and…nuttin!  The engine fires, goes “vrum,” and then dies.  Even though I’ve done it once before, I’ve taken the carb off and will be examining the interior for problems.  This is driving me nuts!

I’ve gotta get to work on that carb, so that’s it for today.  Thanks for reading.


3 responses to “Need Ice?

  1. Well Pony boy, is it Tractoring or Biking that you would rather be doing? You can’t do both things at the same time. 😎

    Doc Deadrick

  2. Hey, Bruce… I just discovered your blog last night. Long time, no see! 1969? If the Pony was my 67 GTO, I’d be looking for a short somewhere. Get that multimeter out. Send me an email when you get a minute. Give my best to Cindy.

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