Pony Sings: All I Want for Christmas is a New Carb

Although it’ll be a few days late, the Pony will get his wish.  Last week I’d sent the Pony’s old carb up to Oxford, NY, so that Ken at Kuhn’s could look it over and give an opinion as to whether it’s worth repairing.  The call came in on Friday, and I won’t bore you with details, other than to say that even if a repair were possible (which it likely wasn’t), the fix would have carried a low probability of success.  So, I told Ken to junk it and transfer me back inside to Carol, so that I could order the new one.

I stammered so much before actually ordering the new carb that I’m sure Carol (Maggie was on holiday) wondered what my problem was.  I told her that I always hesitate before spending $331.00, so don’t be alarmed.  But I finally told her she could charge it to my holiday-stressed AMEX and stick it in the mail.  The Princess and Andy immediately wanted to know what experiment I’d have to participate in, in order to pay for it, and I’m pretty sure that anything short of organ donation…no problem!  I’ll tell you, if the new carb doesn’t make that Pony run like a dream, forget about the fiscal cliff, he’s going over the literal cliff.

Next subject:  editorial control, or more specifically, lack thereof.  This year just for fun I arranged unsold Speedy Ducks, etc around the Christmas tree.  I took a video of them to share with family members who wouldn’t be here for Christmas to see them.  The Princess was insistent that I also share it with my readers, and bowing to pressure, I’ve inserted it here:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pypmYaEULIw

Moving on.  You must believe me that I am not one for designer labels; I just buy what I like.  An admission:  I buy Calvin Klein underwear.  I buy it because it fits great, no other reason.  Well, I was at the optical shop before Christmas buying new lenses for my glasses, and the optician I was working with teased me saying, “Oooo, fancy schmancy, Calvin Klein.”  It had been years since I bought them, so didn’t remember what they were.  As far as I know, those are the only things I have that are CK, but I tell you, if you wanna see a guy “stylin,” head on over while I’m reading something in my underwear!

Since its New Year’s Day, I’m just dumpin’ stuff.  After yesterday’s “morning 40” I totaled the year’s bike miles.  I had put a dot on the calendar for each day I do the 40.  So, 140 dots x 40 = 5600 mi.  Since I started keeping track(1991), I’ve ridden close to four times around the world (that’s at the equator).    I’ve got a little over 1000 mi to go in order to hit four times.  Putting it another way, if I’d put $40 in the bank each time I rode 40 miles, I’d have saved $98,000 (that’s with no interest).  I’m not bragging, but it’s a great example of how, over time, even small amounts sure do add up.

Another thing.  If I hear one more person call something “awesome,” that isn’t really, I’m gonna scream!  I used to differentiate myself sometimes from the younger generations by saying I’d grown-up, gone to high school, college, even grad school before there was such a thing as the personal computer.  Now I think more in terms of, “I’ve lived most of my life, before anything was “awesome.”  Man oh man, was I deprived!  What do you say we make 2013 the year in which most stuff is just a little better than average.  “Hey man, that was sooo BTA!”

In the “blast from the past” category, a couple of weeks ago a comment came into the blog from an old friend.  How old?  Well, I hadn’t heard from him in 43 years; he was my college roommate during my senior year.  After getting his comment, we talked on the phone and caught up on each other’s lives.  He’s retired now too after a career of teaching and coaching at the high school level.  What I remember of the year we spent as roommates was the fact that he was 21 (so drinking age) and I wasn’t.  We went to all the bars in town where he was a regular, and since I was with him it was assumed that I was of age too.  There were some mildly confused bartenders later, when I showed up at all those same bars on my 21st birthday.  I was just taking advantage of the local custom that the bartender buys you drink on your 21st.  I also remember the hellacious hangover I had the next day!  Kerm, it was great you looked me up; stay in touch.

As I sit here by the warm computer, in both my Calvin Klein’s (guess which one is hanging around my neck; oh for cripe sakes no, it’s not the underwear) I think back on what was important to me in 2012.
* Afternoons in Gene’s garage with friends Gene and Lynne and the cantankerous Pony.
* Minnesota.  My visit to Young America, a clean bill at Mayo’s, and some precious time with my godmother, Laverne and her husband, Richard.
* Strawberry pickin’ and making jam.
* My feet up, sitting on the deck overlooking the Haw river, at the coffee shop in Saxapahaw, the mid-point of a summer morning 40.
* My volunteering gig in cardiac rehab, the friends there and the shared stories.
* Of course, The Princess,  We’ll notch our 44th in 2013.
* New York trips, time with Andy and the fun of seeing new things.
* And you folks.  If it wasn’t for you, well, the Pony’s story would have gone unwritten.

In 2013 I’d just love a lot of the same stuff mentioned above, and for that carb to work miracles on the Pony, and maybe a big sale on Beefeater’s Gin, you know…a better than average year.  The best to all of you for 2013.  Thanks for reading.


One response to “Pony Sings: All I Want for Christmas is a New Carb

  1. Wait, how did the optical shop employee know what underwear you were wearing ;)?

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