Tooth Fairy Steps Up for Pony

The Pony’s carb should be in any day, maybe even today, we’ll see.  In the meantime there’s been some potentially good news on the finance front.  A few weeks back, during the holidays a new jewelry/gold buying shop opened in the little mall where my favorite chocolate shop is located.  I’m not going to go into all the details, but the long and short of it is that I sold The Princesses crown!  Now, now, pipe down.  It wasn’t her actual crown just an old gold crown attached to a tooth she’d had extracted.  But hey, I got $56 for it, and took the check home and presented it to Her Highness.  Although we’ve cashed the check, I’m hereby suggesting that The Princess consider donating that amount to the “carburetor relief fund.”  With the pressure of the world now waiting for her response, how could she say no?

The jeweler told me an interesting story as to why she no longer tries to remove teeth from crowns.  She said that some time ago a woman brought in the gold crowns of her great, great-grandfather.  When the jeweler went to remove the crown from the tooth, the tooth just exploded into a million little particles of dust, which she couldn’t avoid inhaling.  Yuck!

Netflix is insidious.  You can go in there and watch episode after episode of an old TV show, commercial free, you know, really immerse yourself.  Right now we’re watching old West Wing’s, and we’ll do two or three a night.  They’ve become so real to me that yesterday I cocked an ear as The Princess listened to her “news” programs, to try to catch whether there was any news coming out of Kumar.  Then I remembered, oh right, Kumar is a made up nation.

Speaking of news shows, The Princess listened to a segment recently on the subject of lead poisoning that covered the horrible effects of lead poisoning on brain function.  They say even minute amounts of exposure to lead as a child can diminish brain capacity for life.  The upshot of this is that now The Princess claims that had it not been for all the lead she ingested as a kid, she’d be a genius today.  I say, if she was such a genius, why’d she eat that lead in the first place?

The Princess and I have a great idea for a new start-up company.  We’re going into the lucrative field of management consulting.  Do you remember all those deep, philosophical discussions you had back in college…you know, the ones where you waxed on brilliantly on a bar stool sharing all kinds of insightful thoughts and theories, all the while well lubricated with your favorite draft beer choice.  Well, recently we’ve discovered that you actually were smarter in that environment.

We’ve been working the daily crossword from the paper for several years now.  We’ve noticed that even when hopelessly stumped at the end of a day, if one of us comes back to the puzzle the next day with a fresh mind, there’s a chance that things will begin to “pop” again.  We theorize that this is because this “fresh mind” also has a “fresh slant,” so that answers that evaded before now become clear.

Even more effective we’ve found is looking at the puzzle on day 2 while drinking a martini.  After about half-way through a martini, I’m a genius!  I don’t just have a new slant, I’m thinking all over the place, you know, “outside the box.”  Answers fly into my head that previously eluded me.  We call it the “Martini Principle.”  Of course, a company can’t just get everyone liquored up.  Care needs to be taken only to get a few R&D people into this state, while decision makers and people who actually make stuff remain sober.  We were struck dumb with the simplicity and brilliance of our concept and feel it could gain huge acceptance in the corporate world.  At least that’s how we felt last night during cocktail hour.

The Google search engine is an amazing thing.  An organic produce farmer up in Ontario, Canada was working on his 1947 Pony and needed the spec for the distance between the flywheel and the clutch release levers.  He put a few words into Google, and “voila!” up popped my blog post wherein that spec is referenced.  Over a few days we emailed back and forth, and I was actually able to provide John (Wilson) with some useful information.  John and his wife have a website for their business, Dolway Organic Gardens.  They’ve got about 25 acres in organic produce, and their Pony is an invaluable part of the operation, logging about 200 hours per year.  Since I don’t have any photos for you of my Pony this week, I’m including a slide show from the Dolway Farm.  These are really beautiful photos and…hang on until the end, because the last one is a great shot of John working the field with his Pony.

Have a nice weekend everyone.  I’ll get back to you as soon as I can with news of the Pony’s new carb.  Thanks for reading.


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