“Still,” That Was Quite an Explosion

This won’t be news to North Carolinians, but I thought the rest of you might have some fun with this.  Listen to this description contained in a News and Observer article, “…a fireball raced across North Carolina skies, followed by an explosion that shook the Eastern North Carolina town of Kinston.”  The event described, although remarkably similar to the recent meteorite that came down over Russia, occurred on December 4, 1934.  What’s great about the North Carolina incident, however, is that the assumption of most locals at the time was that “…a moonshine still had exploded.”  Sure, prohibition had just ended in 1933, but it says something to me about this state and its inhabitants, that a moonshine still explosion was everyone’s first thought when all the ruckus took place.  Getting back to that recent Russian explosion, now that I think about it, they do make one helluva lot of vodka over there, hmmm.  Next headline you’re going to see:  Cover-up at Russian, nuclear-powered vodka still.

After putting my little love note in the last post, The Princess has suggested that the recovery money from that recent gold crown that she “found” be applied to the Guinea Pig-O-Meter.   Her little Valentines Day gift.  Sounds fair to me, so look for a $48 “bump” in the G-O-M.  Thanks, Princess!

I was perusing the Daily Tar Heal (the UNC student-run newspaper) on Monday.  One of my “must reads” is the Police Log.  The following item made me laugh,

“Someone reported loud music coming from a party at…12:29 am Wednesday, according to Carrboro police reports.  The officer on the scene heard Stevie Wonder’s ‘Isn’t She Lovely’ playing on the radio, reports state.

Talk about a slow night, that’s some detailed police report.  Catchy tune though, I always liked it.  And come to think of it, a great tune for Valentines Day.

Hey, Pony news, check out this photo of the Pony’s new “eyes.”

New Headlights

I installed the refurbished lights yesterday and Gene wired them up.  We flipped the switch, and after all the years in the woods, etc. one of the lights came immediately to life.  The other one, well, I’ll be calling NAPA in a few minutes.  As I left the garage I heard the Pony exclaim, “I can see!”

One last item, the following cartoon from a recent New Yorker is supplied as a service to readers, without  comment.

blogger cartoon 2

Everyone have a great week, and thanks for reading.


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