Move Over Doctor Phil

Have you ever noticed that when you look in the mirror you look much older than you feel? If you answered “no,” you’re either a liar, or you’ve had tons of plastic surgery. If you answered “yes” you’re like most of the rest of us. I’ve thought about this phenomenon a lot and I have an explanation. You know how Forest Gump said “Life is like a box of chocolates?” Well, it’s not, and Forest Gump was an idiot, and the movie, Forest Gump was a boring piece of junk.  No, what life is like is a lint roller.  How you think, what you look like, your likes and dislikes, your habits, in general, who you are, that’s all a result of the things (lint) you’ve experienced (rolled over) up until any given point in your life. 

Very little of the lint comes loose from the roller.  Although, one of the corollaries to the “life is like a lint roller rule” is “Things that stick best are generally the dumbest, stupidest, least important, and worst for you.”  This is why 55 years after hearing it, I still remember the jingle for Clark Gasoline:
“Clark, Super 100 Gasoline,
Thousands say its best.
Largest selling independent gasoline
In the middle west.
Fill-up today,
You’ll know just what we mean.
Buy Clark, Super 100 gasoline.”

There are a lot of things stuck to the roller that show up in other ways.  What about that time you broke some little law and didn’t get caught.  Or that time you ate the last donut, even though you’d had your share.  The time you lied, yeah sure, just a little white one.  Well, there are a few guilt-induced worry lines on your forehead for those misdemeanors, partner.  And behind your forehead, deep in there, don’t you believe for a minute that you got away with anything; that stuff is in there to stay, and is a part of who you are.  Of course, not to dwell on the negative, that face in the mirror may show some smile lines too.  The more fun you had the worse they are.  I broke a lot of rules, but I’ve had a lot of fun too, so my face is a mess.

The examples set by parents and grandparents, the efforts of good teachers and bad, the paper route, the job you got just right, the one you screwed-up, your dog dies, your best friend dies too soon, September 11, your wedding, the birth of a child, are all pieces of lint on the roller, some lumpier than others.  But you ask, why am I still shocked when I look in the mirror?  Why do I look older than I feel?  Well, your only frame of reference is your past.  When you’re just walking around the house, driving down the street, whatever, you feel like those things you have experienced, you’re in the past.  You’re not dragged up to the present until the mirror gives you a good slap!  

I brought this all up, because of a phone conversation I had with my Mom last we week wherein we were discussing how we really don’t feel as old as we are.  And I said, “Well, we are who we have been.”  She wanted to know who I was quoting, and I said, “Hey, you’re talking to him.”  But to finish up, my advice is, and I’m sure Dr. Phil would back me up here, Stay away from mirrors!

Tractor News
You know, now that the tractor actually runs, it’s hard not to just go out to Gene’s and run it up and down the street.  I did one day drive it about two miles, out to the entrance to his development and back.  But I have been working.  My last three times out I’ve put in over 10 hours scrubbing the Pony’s rear end.  Here are a few shots of my work.

You can click on the images to enlarge and scroll through them.  I think I’ve got one more afternoon of this work with the degreaser, before I can then turn to wire brushing and sanding.  As you can see from the photos, I’ve had some beautiful days to work, so there will be no excuse not to keep moving forward.

I was just wondering what the Pony would think, if he could think, when HE looks in the mirror.  Oh, that’s right, he’s one of the lucky ones who’s had loads of plastic surgery.  No wonder there’s a mirror hanging on Gene’s garage wall.  Have a nice week everyone, and thanks for reading.


One response to “Move Over Doctor Phil

  1. Hey, Bruce… I like the lint metaphor; works for me. You have obvious issues with the Forrest Gump film. It is pretty sappy. On the other hand, the novel, by Winston Groom, is very funny, in a rather dark way: a good dose of black humor; a combination of Huck Finn and Being There.

    I’m jealous of your weather. We’re averaging 15 degrees below average for the month of March, and it looks like we could get snow again on Sunday. The Goat would love to be out on the road like the Pony, but not while there’s still salt on the roads. Y’all take care…..

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