Don’t Force It!

Reader and “friend of the blog,” Joe, asked for a current “before and after.”  I’m happy to oblige, but everyone please understand that I have a lot of work to do yet.  Here you go.

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Old Business

Listen folks, are you praying for the Pony, or not?  I don’t think so.  As a matter of fact, I know so, because there’s been an unmarked, black van out in the street in front of Gene’s for the last week.  Yeah, that’s right, the FBI knows there’s another leaker in the garage.  Talk about damaging material coming out.  Sheesh!  Next thing you know, the Pony will be seeking asylum some “banana republic” like Ecuador.  Haven’t received a single prayer-inscribed $20 bill (Canadian accepted) in the mailbox either.  Dont give me that baloney about God helps those who help themselves.  If that were really true we wouldn’t even need God; he’d just be sitting around on his hands all day, while we did his work.  So, come on try again…I so want to believe!  I don’t really feel right about trying to bargain either, you know, “Hey God, if you fix the Pony’s differential leak, I’ll go to church next Sunday…for a month?…a year?”  Just musing here, not bargaining, I’d go for a month, but a year is out of the question.

Ok, it’s time to play the game What Popped Out of Bruce’s Brain this week? 
The answer is:  Gerald McBoing Boing! 
Don’t remember when exactly, but it crystalized sometime during the last 7 days, but unfortunately nothing else came along with it.  I knew it went way back, so I checked-in with the Idiotic Brother.  He said he remembered the name too, but nothing else.  Yup, time to consult the web.  In an instant, there it was, it was an 8 minute cartoon produced back in 1950 and written by none other than Dr. Seuss.  I was able to find a YouTube video of the cartoon and supply it below as just another valuable, free service of ThatIdioticTractor.  Don’t forget, after you’ve viewed the cartoon, hit your “back arrow” to return to this post.  I’d hate to lose you!

Wasn’t that about as cute as kittens?

New Business
I was painting Pony parts out at Gene’s on Saturday, and when I’d done all I could on that for the day I started thinking about getting back under the tractor to finish up the Sistine rear end.  I suggested to Gene that we remove one of the rear wheels in order to make the job easier, so we went to work taking off the right wheel, which hadn’t been off the tractor in over 20 years.  And as I write this, it’s still not off.  We removed the lug nuts, but the wheel wouldn’t come free.  Not wanting to screw anything up, I suggested we hold-off until I had a chance to check with the Massey tractor forum.  Those of you that are relatively new to the blog don’t have the benefit of knowing some of the other great advice I’ve received from the helpful guys that respond to questions posted to the forum.  Suffice to say, one very early blog post was titled “Fire in the Hole!”  You may click on that old title if you’d like to get up to speed with the rest of us.

Anyway, I shot off the following to the forum:
Back wheels have not been off tractor in over 20 years.  Removed lug nuts, but  wheel does not come away.  Is there something else necessary to remove, or is it corrosion and other garbage keeping  wheel on at this point?
Answer:  “Don’t force them off, just get a big hammer and knock them off.”
Follow-up from another reader:  “Is there a difference?”
I’m not kidding, this exchange had me chuckling off and on for at least half an hour.  So Gene, we’ve got our marching orders…kind of.  I say we put one of our 4×4 blocks up against the rim, so as not to dent it, and whack it with the biggest sledge you’ve got.  But by all means, let’s not “force it!”

Have a wonderful week everyone and thanks for reading.


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