It’s a Miracle!

Old Business
Those of you who visit the home page may have noticed a comment to the last post from “friend of the Pony” and faithful reader Matt.  Matt is an MD and pointed out that Pneumo Thorax is an actual thing (though just one word, pneumothorax).  Here’s what Matt wrote me in an email:
“Bruce, pneumothorax (air where it doesn’t belong in the chest cavity) is very real – it’s a collapsed lung – happens when, for some reason – like somebody stabbing you in the chest – causes the airways to suddenly have access to the space around the lung. Can be pretty dramatic. Requires putting in a large tube in the space and sucking out the air from where it doesn’t belong.”
So, how did my brain come up with this?  A possible answer is that about 20 years ago I actually had this condition, in my case due to a bike accident, not a stabbing.  Could it be that I heard this term 20 years ago, and like water leaking through a crack it seeped out into my recent dream?  I don’t know…I even got it spelled right…I’m still amazed.

Even Older Business
Remember back in June I asked that you help fix the rather worrisome leak in the Pony’s differential?  I gave you a couple of options, either praying for the Pony, or sending in $20 bills to help defray the cost of repair.  I think of it as “Pay or Pray.”  First, I’ve got to say that I’m mighty disappointed in the flow of 20’s.  Flow, hell, I didn’t receive a single one.  As bummed as I was over the lack of monetary support, I’m willing to forgive and forget, because second, apparently you people are some kick-ass pray-ers.  That’s right, your prayers have resulted in a MIRACLE!  There is now absolutely nothing leaking from that problematic left oil seal.  This is on a par with the biblical parting of the Red Sea, or the water being turned into wine.  Well OK, that one was a little better than this one, but this is so fabulous I’m submitting it to the powers that be of the Missouri Synod Lutheran Church (they’re sticklers on miracles) to be officially sanctioned.  I’m calling it THE MIRACLE OF THE SELF-REPAIRING PONY OIL SEAL.  Those of you who prayed, please send comments to the blog, as I’ll need your names as part of my submission.(1)

New Business
The older I get, the less stuff seems concrete.  Take time, for example.  I’ve now found a number of places where time is not an exact thing, but rather kind of “squishy” and hard to nail down.  Here’s one we’ve all experienced.  You’re on a delayed flight, and the pilot comes on and says, “Don’t worry folks, we’re going to make-up time in the air.”  Huh, c’mon man, you can’t just make it up.  Hmmm, let’s see, it’s 2:00 pm, but let’s make it, oh, how about 1:00 pm.  Like magic your flight almost always arrives on time.  Our laundry room is another place where time has no meaning.  It doesn’t matter if I program 45 minutes into the washer or dryer, they decide what 45 minutes is.  Those machines are teasing me.  Finally, Gene’s garage, wow, time is all over the place in there.  There is a clock, but at it’s best it’s a rough approximation of the real time, usually about 2 hours off, and at its worst, well you know…right twice a day…but not when I’m there to see it.  This I don’t mind though, because when I’m working I don’t want to feel the pressure of the clock.  Of course, time being this squishy…no wonder the restoration has taken so long!

Moving on.  In the category of “let well enough alone,” here’s a good one.  I was at the Tractor Supply store last weekend buying stuff for the Pony.  After the cashier rang-up my order, I remembered that I had a coupon for 10% off on the whole order.  The cashier said it wouldn’t be a problem to void the charge and start over again.  She proceeded to very methodically ring-up the items again, total it, subtract 10% and voila, the new total was $1 more!  Turns out that the first time she ran the stuff through she didn’t charge me for one of my cans of Pony paint…sorry Mr. C.O.M.

And related to that trip to Tractor Supply, I have a PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT.  Naturally, like all of my PSA’s, this announcement is donut-related.  From an article in Our State Magazine, that I lifted from the dermatologists office…well, let’s just say she removed something from me, so I removed something from her…I found out there’s a great donut shop located in the same town (Burlington, NC).  The shop is called Paul’s, and in my opinion his glazed,chocolate frosted, yeast donut, is “best in category,” maybe “best in state,” hell it could qualify as yet another MIRACLE!

Pony News
I’m going to save some time here.  Remember all those photos I posted of progress being made on the right rear wheel, well just think back on those photos and know that I am now going through the same tedious steps on the left wheel.  Also, I’m up to two coats of paint on the fenders, but yesterday when I went down to the end of Gene’s driveway to put on a third coat it started drizzling.  Ahhh, the vicissitudes of al fresco spray painting.  Hang with me on those fenders, if we get a few nice, sunny, dry days we’ll be in business. 
Now for his next miracle, the Pony is going to turn his used coolant into moonshine.  Oh that’s right, someone tried that one already, and it’s not a miracle, it’s POISON!

Thanks for reading and, oh, a suggestion for our illustrious politicians in Washington.  Notice how the Cost-O-Meter just keeps going up and up and up?  Seems everyone’s happy too.  That’s right, there is no “debt ceiling.”  Think about it; all this country needs is A BIG DAMN COST-O-METER.  Have a great week everyone.
1.  Skeptics (there are always skeptics) might say that the oil seal once properly lubricated simply swelled-up and started doing what it was supposed to do, but we true believers discount that as only “theory.”



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