What a week.  When we’re in the middle of winter’s nastiness, I always tell people not to worry, the daffodils will be up on February 15.  Then we got six inches of snow last Wednesday, and even I began to wonder.  But here’s a little sequence of photos taken from last Weds to this Weds.

The first was taken out the back door of our place on the 12th (32 degrees).  The second was taken with my phone while out on Sunday’s bike ride (52 degrees).  And the last one I took with the phone again just this afternoon (72 degrees).  You may recognize the old log cabin from a shot I included in the blog last spring.  So, groundhog schmoundhog, we got our daffys pretty much right on time.

I came in the door from today’s “morning 40,” and The Princess was watching Olympic curling on the TV.  Now there’s something crazy.  Who decided that pushing little bean pots with a stick was worthy of the Olympics?  Good Grief!  I’d say on the basis of that we ought to add the Morning 40 event to the next summer games.  Anyone want to bet on me winning that one…well maybe not…but at least I could relate to it.

An investment Olympic event, that would be a good one for me.  Imagine it kind of like figure skating.

The commentator:  “He’s really doing well folks, he’s bought back into the market at a low,  his investments are doing well as the market moves up, and OHHHHH, he missed that quad trade on Apple stock, if only he’d just tried the triple.  He’s having a hard time getting his footing back, but now he seems to be skating smoothly again.  Everything is clicking, and OHHHHH, he loses ground trying to time the market during the fiscal cliff sow kow.  The judges are going to hate this routine…and the scores…for technical difficulty, a 9.9.  Man, he shouldn’t even be trying this stuff, and for execution, OHHHH, 3.2.  Boy did they whack him!(1)

Other things I like about the Olympics, and don’t get me wrong here, I don’t really have a feeling about them one way or another.  I just like the way they role off the tongue when I say them.  In reverse order of preference:
Putin, Sochi and my favorite…Pussy Riot!  I love the Olympics.

Moving on.  The police log in the UNC student rag, The Daily Tar Heel, boy, I go there first in the morning if I want a chuckle.  We had two good ones recently.  The first one went something like this:  someone broke and entered a residence a 473 Egolf St.  Reported missing was a piece of cheese valued at $5.00.  Wow, that’s scary.  I’m sure they’ll be bringing Wallace and Gromit in for questioning.  The other one, from this morning’s edition, and this one is really scary, because it occurred less than a mile from here:  someone broke and entered and stole various items of furniture including a couch and dug a large hole in the back yard.  Hmmm, this one really has me flummoxed, but if any of you have a plausible explanation I’d love to hear from you.  And then, put the damn couch back!

“Binge-watching,” is another phrase like “Polar Vortex” that came into its own during the last year.  It results from the new tactic some TV channels are following of putting a whole season of a particular television show up for viewing on a particular date.  We binge-watched multiple seasons of Doc Martin.  We binge-watched the first season of House of Cards, and then we binge watched all three seasons of the British version of House of Cards.  We’re now in the process of reeling through all of the second season of the U.S. Version.  For anyone not familiar, where have you been, under a rock?  The shows are fictional political dramas, with incredibly ruthless characters.  These politicians think nothing of jumping in the sack with anyone and everyone, blackmail, murder, you name it.  Something interesting (frightening actually) has happened to me after watching all these violent shows.  In the episode we watched last night, the plot called for a prostitute to be hidden away, so that she could not make damaging statements about the now Vice President.  They’ve been moving this gal around for weeks, at great expense, with a good degree of risk and I finally said to The Princess, why don’t they just kill her?  Yikes, I’ve become a MONSTER!

Finally, I’ll leave you with this.  The Princess asked me today what the dates for hurricane season are.  I’m not sure, but I think its something like June to November (2), but it got me thinking about the upcoming season.  I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that it’s going to be a ferocious season.  Lots of great big ones slamming into great big cities and causing a real mess.  I’m also going to predict that when the season is really in full swing and folks are looking to lay blame, the three prime targets will be the “polar vortex,” God and Obama.

Hope it’s getting warmer where ever you are too.  Thanks for reading.

1.  The routine is actually much longer than the portion of commentary quoted, as it’s the “long” program.  Suffice to say, however, that the degree of difficulty remains high throughout, and the execution  continues to smell up the place.
2.  Throwing you a curve here.  This is a real fact as confirmed by Wikipedia; the Atlantic hurricane season runs from June 1 to November 30.  Who says you can’t learn sumpin in this blog.


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