Nude Photos Surface

Oooh boy, did Gene and I get an earful from the Pony on Saturday.  By the way, it took us four hours to bash out the Pony’s old pivot pin (with a sledge-hammer) and replace it with that new one I showed you a couple of months back.  OK, so this is embarrassing.  After typing out above that I showed you that picture a couple of months ago, I went back and did a search on the word pivot.  Turns out it was November of last year.  Since it was that long ago, here’s another look at the pin.

Pivot Pin

See, eventually everything gets dealt with.  Now the Pony will be able to do all that side-hill plowing that one runs into here in the piedmont.  But getting back to the Pony’s tirade, he was just all over Apple about the fact that those nude pictures of famous celebs somehow got stolen from the iCloud and posted on a website for all to see.  No reason, just asking, but can anyone get me that site address?

And just to digress a little further, don’t you think it’s interesting that the only thing these celebrities (including the Pony) are saying is how outraged they are that their naked photos have been stolen?  I haven’t heard any of them say how embarrassed they are that those photos were out there in the first place…just waiting to be stolen.

So yeah, like the others, the Pony was outraged that apparently the naked pictures of his girlfriend that he’d posted in the cloud got out there on the internet for all to see.  In case you missed them while you were looking at the pictures of Jennifer Lawrence, here’s one photo I chose that I thought showed everything.

pink tractorShe is kind of babe, isn’t she?

Hey, when I get something wrong, I admit it.  I had some fun in the last post describing how the female hummingbirds were acting around our back deck.  I even invited you folks to make your own conclusions about whether their crazy behavior might suggest how an all-female congress might operate.  Well, it turns out that all the craziness was due not to female hummingbirds, but immature, male hummingbirds.  I figured this out yesterday when I noticed that the ruby throat that distinguishes the males, was just starting to come in on some of the hummers.  So, pardon me, but these immature males, call them teenagers, would naturally be charging around, showing off, trying to out do one another, all the while seemingly getting nothing done.  Yes, that is a good description of how our congress acts, but I would never compare its members to teenagers.

Looking for proof that there is a god?  I’d suggest to you that the proof is in corn on the cob.  Oh man, have I been into that lately!  Think about how perfect it is.  It’s sweet without being sugary.  When just ripe, its texture is a cross between tender and crunchy.  And look at its design.  You can hold the ends in your hands while your mouth zips back and forth nibbling off the kernels like a typewriter laying down print.  Now I guess Darwinians could argue that such perfection could also have occurred through natural selection over millions of years, but that wouldn’t explain the existence of Trader Joe’s, which is where the best corn comes from.  I’m pretty sure God made Trader Joe’s.  Hell, Trader Joe may even be God, the corn is that good!

Wherever that sweet corn comes from, get some,
and start your week off with a smile.
Thanks for reading.


One response to “Nude Photos Surface

  1. I think the Young male Hummingbirds behavior mirrors Congress well.

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