Bed Time Story

Jumping right into Pony news, here is a little montage of photos showing the Pony’s new bed from start to finish.

To make the bed I glued up some nice thick, oak stair treads, sanded and then finished it with three coats of glossy spar urethane.  I’m telling you, the finish on that little bed is as good as it looks.  As a matter of fact, it’s so good that I’m going to have to put something on it that’s non-slip, so that when I climb up into the seat I don’t slip.  That big, red cross-piece under the bed is the piece I had sand-blasted, and which fell out of the tree when I was priming it.  It came out all right after all.

Speaking of painting, ages ago I believe I showed you a photo of the Pony’s headlights and crowed about the fact that after 25 years in the woods, one of them actually worked.  Well, I started digging into the issue of why the other one didn’t work just this week.  Gene found that current was getting to the bulb, but that it wasn’t grounded.  I had painted everything up so well that the headlight couldn’t find ground through all that paint.  Apparently you can do a job too well!  On Sunday I sanded off paint on all the contact surfaces between the headlight and the Pony’s chassis, and “voila,” the Pony is back to 20-20 vision.  Here are a couple of photos taken Sunday afternoon.

Pretty spooky, eh?

The Pony and I had visitors last weekend.  Fellow Pony owners and loyal readers of the blog, Jackie and John, came out to Gene’s to take a look at the Pony.  They live about 20 miles from Gene’s and amazingly, they own the same year Pony as mine, a 1952.  We had fun talking about the traumas we’ve suffered while restoring our Pony’s.  It made both of us feel good when John noted that his Pony leaks in all the same places mine does.  Kind of funny isn’t it that either one of us looking at our own Pony’s leaks, well that’s bad.  But as soon as we found out that both Pony’s took a leak the same way, why that was comforting to us.  Here’s a picture of John and me, taken by Jackie.

IMG_20141004_122055Do you notice that kind of bitter-sweet smile John has.  That comes from having gone through all the trials of a Pony restoration and yet coming out a winner.  Here’s a photo Jackie sent me of John’s restoration job.

DSCF0687 - Version 2

I gave him some ribbing about forgetting the yellow paint, but he really has done a beautiful job.

Some miscellany.  You know the old “The dog ate my homework” excuse?  Well, there is now a similar one if you’ve been slacking-off on your Fitbit steps.  Recently The Princess noted that son Andy wasn’t getting in his steps.  On her page that tracks how friends are doing it said something like, “This person if off the grid.”  When she asked Andy what was up he said yeah, “The cat hid my Fitbit.”  He claims that he left it on his desk and it disappeared for about a week until he found it on the floor underneath something (where it had been dragged by Junior, one of his two cats.  Right!  But then again that Junior is something else.  Take a look at this YouTube video of Junior playing piano.

I’ll leave you with this.

If your old red tractor has a leak or two,
That makes you uneasy, or a little blue,
Just look at another
and you’ll soon discover.
That they’re all like that, so it’s cool!

The Princess, the Pony and I wish you all a happy and spooky Halloween.  Thanks for reading.


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