Happy New Year, BANG!

Happy New Year!

The Pony turns 63 this year, and the new year finds him well.  I’ve been going out to Gene’s every couple of weeks here during the winter just to run him up and down the road a bit (the Pony, not Gene).  I can do about a 5-mile loop of Gene’s entire development and stay on quiet roads in the woods.  Gene told me that at a neighborhood holiday party the Pony and I were the subject of some conversation, thankfully positive.  Seems the loud, bright red Pony doesn’t fly easily under the neighborhood radar.  Thursday I was out driving around, and I noticed out of the corner of my eye a car following.  I was careful to signal my turn onto Gene’s street, and as I looped around the cul-de-sac the car pulled up opposite me.  The driver, a woman, rolled down the window, and I thought, uh oh, someone’s going to give me some hell, but she smiled and said, “That’s so cute!” and we passed a few pleasantries over the Pony’s tapockiting engine.  She then drove off, and with the Pony blushing (is that possible for a red tractor) we pulled on up into the garage.

I’m looking for a draw bar (what you’d attach a hitch to) for the back of the Pony, so he can tow stuff.  I thought since I really have no implements, at least I ought to rig him up so that he can do that.  I’ve made a lot of calls and sent out some emails.  So far I’ve only found one, but the guy that has it thinks its made of gold and wants $250 for it.  Even the Pony, who’s Canadian, but acts Scotch, thinks that’s too much.  So, we’ll keep looking, no rush.

I had an interesting dream about the Pony the other night, and this is not “made-up.”  In the dream I go into the garage, and after turning on the lights, am amazed to see that Gene has put side panels on the Pony.  As found in the woods, the Pony never had side panels.  On closer examination I see that Gene has actually fabricated the panels himself out of multiple pieces of steel and then put a truly professional looking Pony-red paint job on them.  That’s really all I remember about the dream, other than to say that my over-riding emotion was that I was kind of pissed-off that Gene had done such a great job on the paint, when I thought I was “hot-shot” painter.  Don’t let my little snit hold you back though, Gene.  Feel free to make that dream come true!

Enough about the Pony.  Sometimes I get the feeling I just can’t catch a break, and you know, I was really optimistic about the new year.  But so far, here’s how it’s going.  The Princess and I were out driving somewhere, and a stinking (literally) VW Rabbit diesel was in front of us.  It just absolutely galls me to have to drive in the trail of someone else’s stink.  As we drove, it seemed that every turn we wanted to take, this guy turned the same way.  I started belly-aching, and that naturally led to The Princess getting on me about the belly-aching, and then of course I got out of joint telling her that, well, I can say whatever I want, so you know, “shut up.”  Things were getting pretty testy.  So in the icy silence that followed we came up to an intersection, and I said that whichever way this guy went, I was going the other way.  Fine, he went straight, and I turned.  A few blocks further on, I was sitting at a tee intersection and now, to get where I want to go I have to turn right.  I’m waiting for the traffic to clear through and what’s the last car by?  Yup, that damn stinkin’ Rabbit.

That’s nothing.  The first week of the new year I backed the Camry into the garage door, that’s right, the garage door, not the garage:  BANG!  What the…?  I’m not sure how this happened, but I think perhaps I pushed the button on the clicker a second time even though the door was already open, so I caught the door as it was coming down.  Here’s a picture of the custom work I did on the Camry’s trunk lid.


Anyway, I’ve got no excuse, but it gets one thinking, what else is going to happen this year?  It’s barely started!  Another little downside to this; I suppose I’m going to lose my neat “I’D RATHER BE DRIVING MY TRACTOR” bumper sticker when the damage is fixed.

Our son, Andy, visited over the holidays, traveling for the first time with his new iPhone.  So, when we took a walk up the hill past Frosty, I said, “Hey, let’s get a selfie with Frosty.”  So I leave you with this cute photo, and my wish that your year goes better than mine has started.


Keep your eyes open for a Pony draw bar (not a gold one) and thanks for reading.


2 responses to “Happy New Year, BANG!

  1. I am not sure what a draw bar looks like. Can you send me a photo?

  2. Ah,I’ve been looking for one 2 years now,I blieve mine takes the square one,so as it can be flipped to forward position to pull a one bottom plow,I think I’ll get the measurements and just weld one up, though some came w/ the circular draw-bar.I also blieve the half-moon draw-bar from the old McCormick ‘A’s and Super ‘A’s fit,you might check w/ your local ”Tractor Cemetery Resting Place Guy”.

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